Partners and Collaboration


Haramaya University is working with numerous international partners on several projects. The university is welcoming considerable number of incoming visitors and similarly its staff members are travelling abroad for conferences, workshops, short term trainings, mobility programs, research and to meet with new and existing partners.

Currently the institution is actively involved with several international partners from different parts of the world. HU has a long history and experience in initiating collaboration with teaching-learning, research, and community engagement, in realizing quality of education, undertaking joint research projects, and enhancing community empowerment program. The university signed more than 50 MoU’s and utilizing opportunities for partnership with such partners and considerable numbers of project are being managed with them.

Collaborations with foreign universities/other institution

No Name of the partner institution/project Started since Area of the collaboration (Projects)
 1 University of Bergen, Norway 2014 5-year project under way on neonatal mortality
 2 Minnesota University (USA) 2012 Research on HIV/AIDS that use and ARTE Adherence.
 3 Norwegian Institute for Agricultural and Environmental Research, (Norway) Joint research
 4 Free University of Amsterdam (Center for world fixed studies), (Netherlands) July, 2011 Joint research under way on the topic of “Improving drought resilience of pastoralist systems in the Afar region of Ethiopia.
 5 North Western University School of Law (USA) 2013 Staff exchange, scholarship, training text book donation
 6 Stellenbosch University, (South Africa) 2014 Training, Staff visit
 7 University of Washington Seattle, (USA) 2009 Staff exchange, scholarships, student exchange,
 8 St. Thomas University School of Law (USA) 2014 Moot court competition sponsorship
 9 North Western University school of Law, (USA) Exposure visit in USA
 10 Asahikawa Medical University

, department of parasitology, (Japan)

  • Supported short stay grant to two staffs for three years to do laboratory activity.
  • Support to attend seminar and laboratory training
 11 RUFORUM/Regional University forum for Agriculture, (Africa) Oct, 2014 Support to attend meeting on livestock research
 12 Institute of Tropical Medicine (ITM), (Belgium) 2012
  • SNNDF partner membership
  • Research grant and Study visit
 13 The Collaborative Master of Science in Agricultural and Applied Economics (CMAAE) (17 African Universities) Builds capacity to conduct policy research in agricultural and applied economics to address food security, agricultural productivity and environmental management.
 14 Lincoln University Of Nebraska, (USA) 2013 The bore hole for drinking water was digged
 15 Humboldt University (Germany) 2014 Research project developed and approved. The project also supports some university’s student by research fund.
 16 karatina university, Kenya
 17 Copenhagen University (Denmark) 2013
  • 2 PhD and 4 MSc students were trained by a project
  • About 5 million estimated costs of laboratory materials were purchased to HU
 18 RUFORUM (46 University), (Africa) 2009
  • 2 MSc programs under implementation
  • Capacity building
  • Research development
 19 Queen land University, (Australia) 2015
  • Research capacity building
 20 Virgin tech and Virginia University 2005-2014
  • Literature exchange
  • Research capacity building
  • Peritoneum management
 21 China academy of science, (China) 2014 Long term ecological research networking in Blue Nile basin
 22 Hamburg University, (Germany) 2015 Arboretum (Nursery establishment)
 23 Wageningen University, (Netherland) 2014 The universities are undertaking research on Awash national park, CASCAPE & ISSD projects under way
 24 Israel research group (Israel) Experts from Israel give their truth to support Dairy Farm.
 25 ” Xavier University -Ateneo de Cagayan University, (Philippines) Discussions were made to sign MOU
 26 Indian HIMP, (Indian) Research and student staff exchange, strengthened partnership by signed MOU.
 27 Care Canada, (Canada) Care Ethiopia and Care Canada contentious research project affiliated with western Hararghe zone, to give gender inclusion training for 50 workers.
 28 Nairobi University, (Kenya) Joint research project
 29 Humbulot University, (Germany) Joint research project
 30 United nation university, (Netherlands) Productive Employment project competition
 31 Vergineatec university (USA) Joint research project
 32 University college corck,(Ireland) Capacity building for Two PHD student and research collaboration
 33 Lincoln University (HAPPI) 150 farm households trained on Farming food and fitness project.
 34 Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) Spain Jan,


Short-term training to staffs, Team from the council would come for experience sharing in 2016
 35 University of Western Cape (South Africa) 2010 PhD training, Internship, Nanoscience Workshop
 36 Cincinnati University, (USA) 2003
  • 3 and 2 students were given the opportunity of second and third degree respectively.
  • For laboratory material supply.
 37 University of Cape town (South Africa) 2006
 38 innsbruck university, (Germany) 2014 Joint supervision of students
 39 GIZ/PTP, (Germany) Giving training for university for lab- technician on disposal of Laboratory Chemical.
 40 HIMT Group of Institutions, (India) To make support for different program MOU was signed.
 41 Djibouti university (Djibouti) 2015 Capacity building programs
 42 Somali land national university (Somaliland) 2015 Capacity building
 43 Kumoh National Institution of Technology (South Korea) 2015 MoU signed and Scholarship opportunities provided by the institute
 44 Norwegian Institute for Agricultural and Environmental Research, (Norway) Joint research
 45 Libya university, (Libya) To resume the previous partnership
 46 SIDA, (Sweden) Strengthen the support of Sweden partner project with ministry of education on universities post-graduates’ program.
 47 Oklahoma state, Kansis state, Texas Tech, Langston, Tarlten state, Tamukingsvil universities (USA) MoU signed and partnership started
 48 Texas tech university (USA) Capacity development, student and staff exchange
 49 World Bank May 2016 to establish an African Center of Excellence in Climate Smart Agriculture and Biodiversity Conservation, grant amounting to six million USD
 50 Fair Planet, Israel 2014 Technology test and transfer
 51 Christian relief, USA 2012 Medicine, Medical supplies and books support for community
52 Bill & Malinda Gates Foundation Child Health and Mortality Prevention Surveillance (CHAMPS)
53 Cranfield University, Haramaya University, Hilina Enriched Foods Plc  2019 NutriNuts: Mitigation of aflatoxin occurrence in Ethiopian peanuts used in therapeutic food products to reduce malnutrition in Africa