University Celebrates Tony Farm Day


Office of Research Affairs has celebrated Tony Farm Day on May 23, 2017. The event took place at Tony Farm in Dire Dawa City Administration recognizing site mangers from the 10 sites under Haramaya University. Nine individuals from these sites were given recognition for the work they have done so far.


According to Mr. Admkew Haile, Director for Research Facilities Management Directorate, Tony Farm was selected to host the event based on the tremendous work being undertaken at the site. He said, “Within this budget year, 3841 farmers have been reached by the Office in collaboration with other stakeholders.” Mr. Admkew added that the support given so far scales 6 million Birr.


Dr. Jema Yousuf, Vice-president for Research Affairs, expressed his delight and emphasized that the encouragement and recognition would still continue in the future. He said, “Those who were recognized here [on the event] achieved what they set out to do only with the help of the rest of the employees and this is also a recognition to all of you all.”

Many of the workers were very glad for the occasion and recognition as it shows the University’s commitment to support them in their work. Mr. Asayehegn, a Tony Farm worker, said, “Because the University has been encouraging us, this was possible. We would like to thank the University management for giving us their time like this and for recognizing the efforts that we have put through.”


The conflict with Dire Dawa University on the ownership of the Farm, lack of transportation to transport the farm products, lack of manpower and limitation of water resources together with water pipelines were issues raised during the discussion session. The employees have also raised the lack of clinic and transportation. They said the University should allocate a vehicle to the Farm so when employees are injured while working on field, they can be taken to health facilities immediately.

In response to these requests and inquiries, Dr. Jemal said the Office could arrange for a multi-purpose tractor to be bought for the site so that employees do not have to carry the farm products. He said it might be hard to establish a clinic for the number of the employees in the Farm are limited but the University could arrange for medical treatments at health facilities around the area.

Dr. Mengistu Ketema, Director for Research Extension and Publications Directorate, said the issue with Dire Dawa University is being handled by the boards of the two universities and there is hope that then situation will be conducted and solved in a civilized manner. The University has made contact with DDU and is awaiting their response on the matter.


This is the second time that the Office has held such an event and the Farm workers have said this trend should continue in other sites as well as other offices of the University. The Farm workers presented gifts to the Office, Mr. Admikew Haile and Mr. Shibru Wakjira, Site Manager for Tony Farm.

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