It is known that the department of PSYCHOLOGY under the College of Education and Behavioral Sciences, Haremaya University has started training students at undergraduate (BA) degree level as of 2014/15 academic year. The department has also started training students in Master degree in Social Psychology as of this academic calendar. Now the department has completed its preparation to admit students in undergraduate (BA) and postgraduate (MA) degree programs in regular, summer and continuing education (CEP) modalities. The nomenclatures, graduate profile, duration of the study and admission requirements of both programs are described under here.


1.1.Degree nomenclature

Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology. The equivalent Amharic name is ‘የባችለርአርትዲግሪበሳይኮሎጂ

         1.2. Graduate profile (competencies)

Upon successful completion of the training program, graduate students would be able to;

  • Provide professional assistance to individuals with personal, social, family, and educational problems.
  • Offer guidance and counseling services to students and other special groups such as street children, people living with HIV/AIDS, displaced individuals, prisoners, orphans etc.
  • Help individuals with disabilities to gain optimum vocational adjustment to rehabilitate themselves to fullest physical, mental, social, vocational, and economic usefulness
  • Plan,  implement, monitor and evaluate psychosocial projects related to children, youth, gender,
  • Assist criminal investigation in various settings, including family courts, criminal courts, etc by applying psychological principles, methods, theory and practices.
  • etc

1.3.               Duration of the program

The bachelor degree in psychology is three years for regular and continuing education programs and five years for summer program.

1.4. Admission requirements

Applicants must meet the admission requirement of the training program set by the Ministry of Education and legislation of the university.


2.1.Degree Nomenclature

  The degree nomenclature of Social Psychology will be MASTER OF ARTS DEGREE IN SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY OR  የአርት ማስተር ድግሪ በማህበራዊ ሳይኮሎጂ

2.2.Graduates Profile

After the completion of the program, the graduates will have competencies that will make them:

  • Design, implement, monitor, coordinate and evaluate various psycho-social service programs and projects (education, health, HIV/AIDS, child labor and abuse, trafficking, Social protection, migration,etc)
  • Design, conduct and analyze researches on  various social, psychological and educational problems;
  • Teach various psychology courses in higher education and teacher training institutions.

2.3.Duration of the Study

This MA program consists of 28 credit hours of course work and 6 credit hours of thesis work. The study takes two years for regular and continuing education programs and three years for summer program (with the intention of leaving the thesis work up to the pace of the candidate).

2.4. Admission Requirements

Applicants to the MA Program in Social Psychology should fulfill the following criteria:

  • Applicants who successfully completed their first degree from accredited universities in Psychology, Sociology, Education, social work, Journalism and Communication, and related areas can be potential candidates. Applicants from unrelated fields of study still can be admitted with some bridge courses.
  • A grade point average of 2.00 and above in the undergraduate program.
  • Fulfil all other requirements set by the school of graduate studies of Haramaya University.

The registration process will be conducted at CEP coordination offices of Haramaya University

For further information, use the University website and the following addresses

  • College of Education and Behavioral Sciences (CEBS )        Tel  025 55 30395
  • Psychology Department                                                          mobile   0912 8089 06/0910796116

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