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Haramaya University (HU) has contributed a lot to the development of the intellectual and skilled human resource of the nation for the last 61 years. In order to be more relevant to the needs of the nation, over the last few years, the university has been undertaking a comprehensive reform process striving towards excellence not only in teaching and research but also in community services. Since Haramaya University is the oldest and a comprehensive University that encompassing almost all fields of studies and professions. In this regard, the need for provision of short term training and consultancy services has been given by team and individuals, which however, was undertaken on fragmented basis and up on requests.

In order to consolidate and improve this service the BPR of the university has identified the need to establish a unity that coordinates training and consultancy services. Thus, it has been recognized as one of the core bodies of the University. The Training and Consultancy service Center was established in the University enterprise development directorate under the wing of Vice President for Community Engagement and Enterprise Development. The main objective of the Center is to coordinate provision of training and consultancy services to various government sectors, industries, business, development agencies and others legally organized institutions by engaging colleges and academic units’ member of the university.

The center strongly believes that through these activities, the university not only contributes a significant role in capacity building for organizational performance in the country, but also generates internal revenue for the University, in addition to providing income to the staff participating in the services. Currently, the HU Enterprise Directorate, Training and Consultancy Center has established and finished its preparation to launch training and consultancy services in various professions and public issue areas.

Purpose & Objectives

The training and consultancy service center is trying to address the governmental and nongovernmental organization inefficient performance problem by providing short term training and consultancy services in various areas of identified performance gap and on the basis of the clients request. Specifically the center facilitates and gives short term trainings and consultancy services in the areas of:


1.        Agriculture, Natural Resource Management and Climate Change


  • Analysis of multidimensional poverty and inequality
  • Climate change & drought risk management
  • Climate change and its impact in Africa/ Ethiopia context.
  • Crop production and productivity
  • Environment & natural resource (soil, water, air, vegetation, animals etc) conservation
  • Environment and natural resource conservation
  • Environmental impact assessment and environmental law
  • Environmental rights and the challenges and the way forward
  • Farm productivity and processing
  • Integrated watershed management
  • Irrigation and water harvesting
  • Local and regional development integration
  • Post harvest technology of horticultural crops
  • Processing and value addition of fruits and vegetables
  • Promoting environmentally friendly culture
  • Training on bio security measures for major intensive farming units
  • Vegetable sciences and horticulture


2.     Animal Health and Production


  • Application of biotechnology and impact assessment
  • Community sanitation and awareness creation on zoonotic disease and animal health
  • Detecting new pest species through monitoring and quarantine
  • Disease management handling and management of working equines and camels
  • Livestock breeding and marketing
  • Livestock production and management
  • Livestock production & productivity
  • On jobs training veterinarians on new drugs diagnostic tests and other related technologies
  • Pest management principles and practices with special emphasis
  • Social aspect of biotechnology, bio safety and regulation
  • Termite management in houses and farm lands

3.     Basic research and case study


  • Academic and Research Writing skills for staff and post graduate students
  • Journal and Article writing and publishing
  • Advanced statistical methodologies
  • E-Journal
  • Statistical software and analysis packages (SAS,SPSS,STATA etc)
  • Applied Research in Tourism and Hospitality
  • Data collection management and analysis
  • Media and Communication Research
  • Proposal and research writing in d/t language
  • Sample survey and questionnaire design


4.        Business, Economics and Entrepreneurship development


  • Accounting information system design
  • Basic accounting application/ software (Peachtree)
  • Basic Statistics and its Challenges in the 21thcentury
  • Basics of financial management
  • BPR and BSC and Kaizen implementation
  • Business plan, investment, audit and basic accounting
  • Capacity building and awareness creation human resource dev’t
  • Cost accounting practice for manufacturing industry
  • Customer handling & service delivery
  • Development project management and policy analysis
  • Doing business in Ethiopia; its opportunities and challenges
  • Employment, employees motivation & turnover
  • Entrepreneurship in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry
  • Ethics in public administration
  • Human resource dev’t & change management
  • Integrated bookkeeping with fruit and vegetable production
  • Knowledge of organization structures, systems and services
  • Latest developments in tax laws accounting principles auditing standards and industry regulations
  • Leadership & public administration
  • Marketing, Purchasing & property administration in d/t sectors
  • Micro finances credit provision and collection
  • Organizational restructure, skills evaluation, strategic planning
  • Planning, budgeting, monitoring, evaluation & report writing
  • Problem solving & decision making
  • Project and software development, monitoring, evaluating & analysis
  • Public finance, accounting and auditing
  • Raising awareness of saving habit and resource management
  • Small and micro enterprises and industrial development clustering
  • Social marketing and advertising
  • Strategic analysis of hospitality companies
  • Tax administration, Corporate taxation and tax collection
  • Tax assessment accounting and auditing
  • Technical report writing for Business
  • Time and Performance management
  • Transformational leadership & coaching
  • Transformational leadership and coaching
  • Unions and cooperatives establishment



5.        Educational advancement and quality assurance


  • Adult literacy and lifelong learning
  • Alternative Assessment for High School English Language Teachers
  • Assessment and Testing approach
  • Cooperative learning
  • Curriculum development & evaluation
  • Education quality assurance package
  • Organizational behavior and ethics/work culture
  • Pedagogical trainings ( active learning, classroom management, measurement & evaluation)
  • School leadership and quality assurance
  • Special need & Inclusive education
  • Teachers’ training in different field and levels
  • Teaching-learning process



6.     Human health, Nutrition and welfare


  • Accident prevention and first aids
  • Advice on exercise for Sport exercise injuries and health problems
  • Attitude, stress & risk management
  • Coaching & self-awareness
  • Massage and therapy Sport exercise for different case
  • Communicable disease control
  • Counseling and guidance activities
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Family planning and malnutrition
  • Healthy lifestyle and culture
  • HIV/AIDs and other transmitted disease
  • Laboratory safety & services
  • Maternal and child health
  • Nutrition, physiotherapy& coaching
  • Organized family life
  • Sport exercise consultancy for special people (over weight, diabetes etc)
  • Sport exercise for different societies


7.     Infrastructure, Facilities and Industry Development

  • Application of GIS for agriculture, natural resource management, urban planning etc
  • Consumer behavior in hotel and tourism industry
  • Contemporary development challenges
  • Critical tourism in contemporary society
  • Hospitality events management
  • Hotel investment and eco-tourism management
  • Illegal migration and its impact in Ethiopian/Africa context.
  • Intercultural management in the hospitality industry
  • International hospitality operations management
  • Issues in hotel development and management
  • Project management hydrological,
  • Sustainable tourism development, promotion and image building
  • Tour guiding and customer management
  • Traffic safety, management and accident reduction
  • Urban governance and administration
  • Urban planning, urbanization and green area development
  • Waste management and treatment

8.     Language, Art and Socio-Cultural Development


  • Agro-pastoralist society development and conflict management
  • Application of Afan Oromo and writing in public institutions and billboards
  • Communication and conflict mismanagement
  • Communication skill & language improvement
  • Drama and theater for amateur artists
  • Eco-tourism
  • English course material evaluation and preparation
  • English for tourism
  • English language curriculum planning and syllabus design
  • English language teaching methodology for kindergarten and elementary school teachers
  • French language communication, for tourism, tourist guider
  • National image building
  • News writing and reporting ( print & broadcast)
  • Principle of journalism and writing fiction
  • Skills enhancement for youth centers: training for amateur drama and theatre clubs
  • Teaching English vocabulary and grammar
  • Teaching language skills
  • Training on journalism and mass communication in improvement of truth reporting
  • Training on teaching methodologies in Afan Oromo to surrounding high school teachers
  • Translation and language editing service

9.     Law, Social justice and Gender


  • Basic concepts and advocacy of gender issues
  • Business law, business profit tax under Ethiopian tax laws
  • Child right, gender and good governance
  • Civic participation, duties and responsibilities
  • Civil servants work ethics and office discipline
  • Commercial dispute settlement and case management
  • Conflict resolution and risk management
  • Corruption, good governance and development
  • Crime and prevention mechanisms
  • Criminal law and human right law
  • Democracy and democratization
  • Equality and the practice of democracy
  • Exploiting traditional conflict resolution mechanism
  • Family violence /domestic abuse
  • Forms of business and their legal implication under Ethiopian legal system
  • Gender equality (emphasizing women empowerment)
  • Gender mainstreaming, audit and analysis
  • Gender sensitive plan, budget and project
  • Gender, value chain and leadership
  • Human trafficking/migration
  • Illegal migration and its impact in Africa/ Ethiopian context.
  • investment law and dispute settlement
  • Land, tax and media law
  • Legal studies and services
  • Patriotism and nationalism
  • Peace and development
  • peace promotion and security
  • Professional ethics of judges, public prosecutors and lawyers
  • Public relations services in government and non-government organizations
  • public relations theory and practice
  • Reviewing the document from gender perspective
  • The Ethiopian federalism system
  • The right of accused persons, disabled persons and domestic workers
  • The right of the and the employee and employer under the labor law



10.Science, Engineering, Information Technology and Energy

  • Basic computer skill(Ms-office package internet usage) and security
  • Basic programming languages
  • Civil, mechanical, structural, constriction, electrical, water supply & sewage, agricultural & irrigation, aviation, roads and bridges, geological, traffic &transport, chemical, food & hydraulics engineering
  • Computer networking
  • Economics of information
  • Construction and industry management
  • Digital libraries and preservation of information resources
  • Digitalization of museums archives and record centers
  • E-Resource library management
  • File and record management



Contact person: Mekonnen Abdisa

Manager, short term Training & Consultancy

Phone: +251913166381/ +251 255530426


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