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Duplication and Printing house Mission and Vision statement


Supplying all necessary printed and duplicated inputs with good quality, speed and quantity. It keeps well secrete for materials which have to be done in a secretive way such as examinations. It provides customer oriented services Such as Handouts, Books, and Course outlines, different pamphlets Identification cards with good quality, speed and quantity. Equipping and helping workers to be efficient through training. Giving every printing service for the academic wing in particular and for the University in general thereby minimizing the cost incurred by the University in order to buy/get different printed materials or printing services through direct, Performa and national or international competitive bidding.


The vision of the Haramaya University is to be the leading university in Africa and to be one among the known Universities in the Africa. Haramaya University duplication and Printing houseā€˜s vision is working hard to give services to its customers to the standard, level and needs of Haramaya University in 2025G.C.