Staff Profile of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Directorate



No Name Position Education status Cell Phone Email Adress
1. Seifemichael Abebe Director,Planning,Monitoring and Evaluation Directorate M.Sc.  in Agri-Economics 0911913683
2. Abdissa Mume Senior  Expert , Plan and Project MA in Urban Development 0913967883
3. Dinkenesh Wolde Senior  Expert , Plan and Program B.Sc.  in Economics 0911924485
4. Esubalew Tsehay Expert, Plan and Program B.Sc.   in Economics 0913306048
5. Lensa Tofik Messenger,for the Directorate Grade 9th 0966373612
6. Lishan Dessie Secretary and Office Manager Diploma in Sec.Sci. 0939581247
7. Seman  Mumed Expert, Information, Plan and Program B.A   in Mgmt 0920460802