Planning,Monitoring and Evaluation Directorate




The Strategic Planning and University transformation teams/ units were organized under office of the president in February 2013 following the implementation of the new structure, BPR. The directorate encompasses the above two main structures as teams operating within it. And till June 2017 before the directorate separated the name of the office was named as strategic management and institutional transformation directorate. And by now promoting the two units as directorate level becoming two directorates termed as Strategic Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation (SPME) Directorate and Good governance and University transformation directorate.

The Strategic Planning office provides support to the university management in the key areas of strategy development, planning, and Measurement and Evaluation by focusing on the entire universality’s activity. The office works to bridge between policy or high-order goals of the university and the country on the one hand and tactics/ concrete actions on the other envisaging where the University is going over the next year or more, and how it’s going to get there.

The Monitoring and evaluation activities of the office help to keep the work on track, and can let management know when things are going wrong. It enables to determine whether the resources available are sufficient and is being well used, the existing capacity is sufficient and appropriate, and activities are going as planned to do.

  1. Current structure

The current structure of Strategic Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation directorate is as follows.

  1. Mission, Vision Motto, and Values

As a source and compiling office of the corporate level information, the SPME directorate shares and promotes the corporate level mission, vision, values, and motto stated below.  


The Mission of Haramaya University is to produce competent graduates in diverse fields of study, undertake rigorous, problem solving and cutting edge researches, disseminate knowledge and technologies, and provide demand-driven and trans formative community Services.


Haramaya University strives to be one of the leading African Universities with international reputation by 2025.

Our Motto

Building the basis for Development!


  • Academic freedom
  • Perseverance
  • Good governance
  • Respect for Diversity
  • Professionalism
  • Collaborative spirit
  • Fostering creativity/innovation
  • Respect for Nature and Environment
  1. Objectives of the Directorate

The main objectives of the Strategic Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation directorate is to:

  • Design the strategic and action plans of the university.
  • Compile, analyze, present and discriminate corporate level facts and figures to internal and external users.
  • Compile, analyze, present, and disseminate periodic (usually quarterly) performance reports of the university.
  • Prepare the medium term, annual, and quarterly plans and accomplishment reports of program budget of the university.
  • Monitor, support, and evaluate the work units including donor-funded projects regarding the actual implementation of the plan.
  • Advise  and assist the top management of the university in strategic and operational issues
  • Serve the university council and administration council of the university as member and writing desk and documenting and disseminating minutes for evidence based action.
  • Introduce  or adapt different models of management and  change tools and contextualize them to the nature and culture of the organization.
  • Propose and lead structural and other changes of the organization.
  • Ensure the successful implementation of the change tools (BSC, BPR, Kaizen etc) in all units of the university and evaluate their impact for further refinement.