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Office Of ICT


The ICT Office

Information Communication Technology (ICT) Directorate was established in the year 2003 and restructured in July 2013 following BPR and new structure from Ministry of Education.  The ICT Directorate is meant to support the core mandates of the University.


To effectively conceive, develop, implement, utilize, and manage appropriate information systems in order to provide integrated, coordinated and customer-focused quality ICT services to Haramaya University in line with its vision, mission and objectives.


To be a center of innovation in the provision of quality ICT services to Haramaya University.

Objectives Of ICT Office

  1. To identify, acquire and install relevant ICT resources and implement the technology transfer University-wide.
  2. To manage operations and maintenance of ICT resources.
  3. To manage databases of information systems.
  4. To train end-users on computer literacy and offer end-user computing support.
  5. To offer technical advice and consultancy on acquisition of ICT resources.
  6. Planning, implementation and development of ICT infrastructure.

Core Values Of ICT Office

  1. Provision of quality ICT services to the Haramaya University.
  2. Management, control and maintenance of ICT in the University.
  3. Advising the University authorities on all ICT matters.
  4. Formulation of ICT policies for the University.
  5. Interpretation of ICT policies and related matters for the University.