The HUCGSP has one clinical psychologist, namely Tamrat Zelalem, who provides professional expert services. There are two nurses hired to assist in Amharic-to-Afan Oromo translation purposes and other clerical activities.

 Mr. Tamrat Zelalem


Mr. Tamrat has received two separate MA degrees: one in Counseling Psychology and another in Clinical Psychology, from Addis Ababa University. Mr. Tamrat has had a 500 hours supervised internship experiences at St. Paul’s Hospital Millennium Medical College, St. Amanuel Mental Specialized Hospital, and Gefersa Mental Health Rehabilitation Center.

Currently, Mr. Tamrat is Lecturer in the College of Education and Behavioral Sciences, Department of Psychology. Moreover, he is appointed to provide professional services and run the counseling and guidance services program of Haramaya University.

For any professional psychological services, Mr. Tamrat can be reached at the following addresses:

Tel: +251-011-695454


Office Location: Old Admin Building first floor office number 121