Haramaya University Counseling and Guidance Services Program (HUCGSP)


Statement on Scope of Practice

Haramaya University Counseling and Guidance Services Program (HUCGSP) mission is to facilitate and support the educational mission of Haramaya University. Our aim is to enhance the personal development and academic success of students by providing quality clinical, consultation, and training services.

Our goal is to facilitate the intellectual, social, and emotional development of the students of HU by helping to reduce the impact of psychological problems for students, and providing information to the general University community about mental health issues. When students require mental health services that are beyond the scope of practice of HUCGSP, we provide appropriate referrals to campus, community, or other resources. If we believe that a student’s needs for services go beyond our ability to meet these needs, we will offer referral information for treatment providers, agencies, or organizations that might be able to meet this need.

Services provided at HUCGSP:

  • Short-term counseling and psychotherapy, including:
    • Individual Therapy
    • Group Therapy
  • Psychiatric medication management, which is often coordinated with a Higher Health Center Physicians
  • Emergency/drop-in consultation
  • Outreach and consultation to university community on mental-health-related topics

Services NOT provided at HUCGSP:

  • Testing/evaluation for disability claims, custody claims, or other legal proceedings
  • Psychological testing for learning disabilities, ADHD, or neurological conditions
  • Intensive outpatient therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Therapy services for students who are not currently enrolled in classes, due to graduation, withdrawal, or dismissal from the University.
  • Therapy/evaluation that is court-ordered or required by any non-University judicial body
  • Detox/rehab treatment for individuals with chemical dependency
  • Intensive ongoing case management services; for example, daily phone check-ins or daily medication management.
  • A situation in which a client has a severe mental health concern, AND, based on available treatment guidelines, clinical knowledge/experience, and professional standards of practice, we believe that this severe mental health concern cannot be treated at HUCGSP without risking probable further deterioration of a person’s health and safety.