Assessment Center Directorate


1.1 Background
The Assessment Center Directorate (ACD) of Haramaya University is one of the newly established directorates as a result of Business Process Reengineering (BPR) of the University. It coordinates assessment of student learning at different programs providing efficient and effective testing services that support the personal and professional growth of students enrolled and the educational mission of the University. It provides, in a caring and concerned manner, professional, centralized and efficient varied evaluation needs of different colleges, schools, departments and Human Resource Management Office of the University and even extends beyond the University to the varied constituencies of external evaluation or testing needs.

The Center is responsible for many standardized tests given in specific areas for enrollment of students for admission and placement, to undergraduate students for proficiency, to education majors for certification, to graduate students for admission to specialized programs, and professional tests to all students in all programs.

The Center is accountable for the Vice President for Academic Affairs and works in collaboration with colleges, schools and departments, and Human Resources Management Office in effectively utilizing assessment results to enhance student learning effective teaching and employment.

ACD consists of the following units:

  • Student Assessment and Evaluation
  • National and International Exam Coordination
  • Employee Testing Center
  • Team of examiners at departmental level.

ACD supports and promotes the educational mission of the University by providing centralized testing and evaluation services for all students, faculty, and external community through the collection and processing of test data, creation of assessment instruments, and the lending of measurement expertise to constituencies throughout the campus and external communities.


  • To provide comprehensive test administration, scoring, and analysis services to aid students, colleges, schools, and departments and the general public in their educational endeavors and decision making.
  • To work in close collaboration with other Student Affairs Offices, Academic departments and University functions in planning and implementing relevant programs and services related to student assessment/evaluation.
  • To make each exam more complete, up-to-date and responsive to the diverse needs of the University community.
  • To administer several graduate, undergraduate exams, certification exams. Computer-based tests, validation exams, psychological and other tests.

Major activities of ACD

ACD serves as a secure testing facility for the University community and external requests. ACD

receives various requests for test administrations, assistances and/or consultation in devising new testing procedures or assistances in revising current testing programs. Many academic departments and university programs utilize the testing staff or facility for their testing needs.

Some of the activities include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. Coordinating the preparation and administration of entrance exams to different university programs, final exams for active students of the university and non-academic exams for clients;
  2. Developing and managing relationships with university support units and external stakeholders;
  3. Implementing and maintain effective operating metrics and efficient communications;
  4. Overseeing customer service and quality control standards ,as well as the establishment and maintenance f a professional work environment;
  5. Providing leadership and management related training and mentoring testing personnel of the university
  6. Administer computer-based testing for national and international testing programs;
  7. Providing individual testing services (E.g. placement tests, etc.);
  8. Administer University-wide  group testing programs ;
  9. Provide test scoring and analysis services;
  10. Provide consultation services to departments related to testing activities.

Fig. 1: Organizational Structure of ACD



Student Assessment and Evaluation Unit

  • Coordinating and administering both continuous assessment and final exams used for student assessment and evaluation of the university.
  • Give training and consultation services for instructors administering formative/ continuous assessment like tests. group/team works, seminars.etc throughout the semester.
  • Preparing questions to the question bank in collaboration with respective instructors or course teams.
  • Preparing and administering final exam at the end of every semester after the course module is covered.
  • Coding and giving answer sheets of the final exams to the selected academic staff for making in collaboration with departmental/school team of examiners.
  • Facilitating grading exams using fixed scaling(criterion referenced) and noticing

students and sending a report to the registrar and respective departments in collaboration with departmental/school team of examiners.

 National and International Exam Coordination Unit

  • Coordinating international computer or paper based exams like TOFEL,GER, etc by creating linkages with assessment institutions in country and abroad and be a focal contact in Eastern Ethiopia
  • Providing information about the schedule, type, quality, etc of exams
  • Creating consortium argument with other assessment institutions
  • Receiving numerous requests for test administrations, assistance and/or consultation for test administration.

Employee Testing Unit

  • Preparing and administering exams for employee recruitments based on requests from the university or other governmental and non-governmental organizations.
  • Preparing questions to the question bank in collaboration with respective professionals or course teams for employee recruitment use.
  • Providing information about the schedule, type, quality, etc of exams
  • Organizing and submitting test results to respective bodies.

Team of Departmental /School Examiners


  • Setting question papers and marking schemes of their respective departmental /school.
  • Marking formal examinations papers and other forms of assessment in accordance with the relevant marking scheme or criteria agreed by the team of examiners.
  • Determine grades   in accordance with a relevant guideline.
  • Forwarding grades and marks for official university transcripts to the registrar.