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1 : East African Journal Of Sciences

An International and Multidisciplinary Journal, Published Biannually by the Research and Extension Office, Haramaya University, Ethiopia. The East African Journal of Sciences (EAJS) publishes original scientific papers and disseminates scientific and technological information to the users in Eastern Africa and elsewhere in the world; the Journal also enhances exchange of ideas among scientists engaged in research and development activities; and accepts papers from anywhere else in the world.

2 : Harar Bulletin Of Health Sciences

Harar Bulletin of Health Sciences is a Haramaya University periodical publication established in 2011 with its inaugural issue focusing on HIV/AIDS research in Ethiopia. The Harar Bulletin is a collection of research extracts published three times each year. Issues include extracts of theses written by graduating master’s students in public health and extracts of research conducted by staff members on the Harar campus which includes the College of Health Sciences and College of Medical Sciences. The goals of the Harar Bulletin are to share research findings in public health and medicine and to contribute to new knowledge and improved practices in these diciplines. Ultimately, the mission of the Harar Bulletin is to improve the health of the people of Ethiopia.

3 : Hippocampus Newspaper

Hippocampus is a monthly newspaper published by Haramaya University, External and Public Relations Office. The newspaper is named after the part of the brain that plays an important role in the long term memory and spatial navigation of human beings and other mammals.


HU Library is the biggest library in the eastern region of the country. Therefore, the library is providing its services to the university community as well as external users. External users include governmental and non governmental organizations, universities and colleges, high schools and even individuals who are working in different parts of the country.