PRIME Research Review Workshop Held in Jigjiga


By College of Law

 Haramaya University organized a research review workshop aimed at presenting research findings of the Pastoralist Areas Resiliency Improvement through Market Expansion (PRIME) from September 7-8, 2015 in Jigjiga, Somali Regional State.

In the research workshop, a total of nine papers, out of 13 conducted this year, were presented. Among the topics the papers covered include cross border trade, milk market research, milk quality assessment, energy efficient stoves market, range land management, and climate change related hazards.


According to Habtamu Hailemeskel, staff member at College of Law and leader of policy research at PRIME, additional 11 researches are underway and are on the final stages of completion.

The project was able to carry out five researches in its initial year. However, in the second year, improvements were observed making the number of researches conducted up to 19, Habtamu explained.

Currently, PRIME at Haramaya University has got 18 individuals who carry out various researches. The team, which is composed of the University’s staff members, is derived from four colleges: College of Law, College of Veterinary Medicine, College of Business and Economics, and College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences. Other implementing partners of PRIME are also involved in the research activities.


The project, according to Habtamu, is doing its level best to reach policy makers and communicate the research outcomes by presenting its own national workshops and using the platforms prepared by other PRIME implementing partners. The research results can be used as reference for further studies and can also create job opportunities, he added, by citing the research conducted on cross border trading as an example. It can also be used as an invaluable input for various stakeholders.

In the two days event, a profound discussion was also held apart from the paper presentations. The participants, among others, urged the project to expand its research areas and to work collaboratively with Jigjiga University. They also underlined the need to share the research findings with all stakeholders and policy makers in order to achieve the desired outcome. Officials of PRIME project, on their part, indicated that the suggestions are very vital and more efforts would be exerted for further improvements in the years ahead.


A number of participants from governmental and non-governmental organizations in the nearby areas attended the event. Some of them include Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Associations, Ethiopian Revenues and Customs Authority, National Meteorology Agency, Oxfam GB, and Mercy Corps.

Previously, a similar event was held in Afar Regional State. In few months time, another workshop is planned to be conducted in Borena, Ormomia Regional State, according Habtamu.

PRIME is a five year project that is funded by the USAID. It aims at improving the life condition of pastoralists in Afar, Southern Oromia and Ethiopia Somali. It implemented by a consortium of different governmental and non-governmental organizations.


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