PRIME Research Review Workshop Conducted in Borana and Guji Zones


Haramaya University conducted a research review workshop which focused on improving the livelihood of pastoralists from October 05-08, 2015 at Negele and Yabelo towns in Borana and Guji zones, in Oromia Regional State.


In his opening speech, Mulugeta Getu, project manager of PRIME, said governmental and non-governmental stakeholders who were present during the meeting have to take their parts in contributing inputs in the research presentations and thereby making sure that the solutions suggested in the research findings would be put in practice.


The project manager also indicated that 9 completed research findings under PRIME Project would be presented in the review workshop. The participants of the research projects were drawn from staff members of Haramaya University drawn from four different colleges namely College of Law, College of Veterinary Medicine, College of Business and Economics, and College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences.

According to Mulugeta, the project will also arrange similar events in the future to create awareness for stakeholders about its research findings. He also indicated that PRIME Project will duplicate and distribute it for stakeholders.

Dr. HailuZeru: Regulatory Information Development and Delivery Senior Expert, said that previously it was very difficult for research findings to be implemented on the ground and the initiative taken by PRIME Project in gathering all stakeholders for the effective implementation of the research findings should be appreciated.


Dr RahelMulat, a representativefrom Guji Zone, on her part said previously such kinds of research projects were not implemented in the area. These types of research finds which focused on the existing problems and suggested workable solutions would be vital to tackle the challenges surrounding pastoralists and would be a significant input for those who are working to assist the pastoralists, she added.


Abdulkadir Beyan, director of Research and Publication at BuleHora University, said the steps that Haramaya University has taken to assist pluralists in this area shows the University’s commitment and it should be appreciated in this aspect. BuleHora University would also follow the footsteps of Haramaya University in this regard, Abdulkadir added.



Several representatives of governmental and non-governmental organizations took part in the consultative workshop. Previously, a similar event was held in Afar and Somali regional states.


Currently, PRIME at Haramaya University has got 18 individuals who carry out various researches. The team, which is composed of the University’s staff members, is derived from four colleges: Other implementing partners of PRIME are also involved in the research activities.

PRIME is a five year project that is funded by the USAID. It aims at improving the life condition of pastoralists in Afar, Southern Oromia and Ethiopia Somali. It implemented by a consortium of different governmental and non-governmental organizations.

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