HU English Language Improvement Centre (ELIC) has conducted training for secondary school teachers


By Shemsedin Mohammed Public & International Relations Directorate

It is recalled that the English Language Improvement Centre in collaboration with the College of Education and Behavioral Sciences has conducted training for secondary school teachers working in Aweday, Adele, Haramaya and Bate High Schools and Preparatory Schools.


A total of 103 teachers have participated in the three days training. It was part of the outreach programs which linked the University with the community particularly in the education area.


The Aims of the training was to give teachers practical skills for teaching their subject through the medium of English, to build the confidence of teachers to use English in all aspects of their work and to assist teachers to be positive models of effective use of English for students.

The trainees were grouped into three and three experienced staffs from the School of Foreign Language Studies have given the training.

During the opening session of the training, the Vice-President for Community Engagement and

Enterprises Development Professor Kebede W/Tsadik stated that the training would strength and improve the candidates teaching skills and English language command.


The training was given following the completion of two days training on academic and research

writing for 60 academic staffs of the university.

In the first semester 2007, the office also organized an evening tutorial program for more than 500 first year female students to improve their English language communication skills.

ELIC is working as a resource center for the surrounding community in addition to organizing various types of trainings and carrying out different English language improvement activities.


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