HDP conducted First Round Moderation National Workshop


Higher Diploma Program (HDP) Coordinating Office of College of Education and Behavioral Sciences conducted the First Round Moderation National  Workshop from June 25-27, 2018 at Resource Center.

According to Mr. Anwar Ahmed, coordinator of the workshop, “HDP was initiated based on the premise that those who educate the teachers must themselves be of high quality, be highly competent and be educated for the specifics of their role to produce better teachers and to improve the learning of all students in Ethiopia.” He added, “The more people know the more they can do. The better-educated staff the better able they will be in undertaking quality improvement. It is the quality of the teacher that ultimately influences the quality of education.”

Dr. Dawit Negassa, Dean of the College, in his welcoming speech said, “As part of the initiatives to improve the quality of education in Ethiopia, the Higher Diploma Program (HDP) was started in October 2003 in all of the then 21 teacher education institutes including Haramaya University as a compulsory qualification for all teacher educators. An extensive study was conducted by the Ministry of Education through TESO (Teacher Education System Overhaul) covering the overall education system of Ethiopia and teacher’s education programs in particular.” He added that the moderation workshop was a continuation of the already established network among these TEIs to exchange ideas, share experiences, identify challenges and set directions for the future.

A total of 13 selected action research papers were presented in the workshop (four from HU, three from Jigjiga University, two each from Chiro and Kabri Dahar College of Teacher Education (CTEs) and two from Dire Dawa University).

Government office representatives, professionals from various fields and other TEIs like Jigjiga and Dire Dawa universities, and Chiro, Abdul Mejid Hussien, Harar, Kabri Dahar, and Dire Dawa CTEs, participated on the workshop.

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