Haramaya University signs MOU with Diredawa Adminstration


Diredawa Adminstration Agriculture, Water,Mine and Energy Bureau invited haramaya university to conduct land use study consultancy service .
Accordingly, Haramaya University agrreed and signed Memorandum of understanding with the adminstration in April 09, 2015 to conduct the study and to deliver the consultancy service within the expected time period.
The objective of the study includes to asses and analyse the current status of major natural resources and their development potential , land use system and prevailing constraints in rural kebeles of Diredawa Adminstration and thereby proving alternative strategies for approporiate land use and propose new land use plan for the entire rural parts of the adminstration.
Mr.Ibrahim Ousman ,Agiruculture, Water, Mine and Energy Bureau Head, said that the continous rise in both human and livestock Population in rural areas of Diredawa adminstration has caused high presure on forests, Rangelands and Agricultural lands which resulted in inapproporiate cultivation practices, forest removal, and overgrazing therby land degradation. He, therefore, said that before any form of land use planning, assessing the current situation on land utilization is critical to bring about improved and sustainable use of land and resources in the adminstration. He emphasized that it is is with this intention that the Diredawa Adminstration has offered for Haramaya University to provide the land use study consultancy service.


Prof. Kebede W/Tsadik , Vice president for Communiy Engagement and Enterprise Development, said that Haramaya University with long years experiences and having renowned professionals in different disciplines will continue giving various community services mainly in short term trainings and consultancy in addition to the teaching and research endeavors.

Mr. Bruh Asmelash, Director for University Enterprises development Directorate, added that Haramaya University, through a team of expertswill confidently undertake the land use study consultancy service and will come up with approporiate conclussion and recommendations.

The Geophysical Scope of the assessment will cover the entire 38 rural kebeles of the adminstration and the study is expected to be finished within the comming four months since the date of agreement.

The community demand for short term trainings and consultancy services is rising from time to time and the university is strengthening its endeavor and will continue playing role to its level best.

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