Haramaya University offered training for developments Agents and district extension team leaders on the transferring new technologies


Haramaya University offered training for development agents and district extension team leaders on the transferring of new technologies.


According to Mr. Teklemariam Keneni, a member of the university’s Research and Extension Directorate, the University has been generating, adapting, demonstrating and disseminating more than 160 of crops and livestock technologies since its inception. Demonstration and Promotion of research output through farmers’ training centers (FTCs), model and groups of farmers has enhanced to ensure technology development and transfer.

Mr. Tekelemariam added that at present the University research and extension office has grouped into three directors under the research affairs vice president, namely, research, extension and publication , research groups partnership directorate; research facilities and directorates, to effectively implement the mentioned 16 research thematic areas.

The directorate has conducting training on more than 7 (seven) new crops that consists of 40 technologies the training will enable development and district extension team leader to demonstrate on 40 farmers training centers found under different agro ecologies.

The objectives of the training is to demonstrate and transferring technologies/improved practices, to end users to improve their livelihood by creating sustainable agricultural production in the region.

In this regard, the Research and Extension wing has selected a total of 100 developments and district extension team from East Hararghe Zone, Harari and Dire-Dawa Administration Council attended how they conduct demonstration on their respective training centers to strengthen the technology transfer.

Ten professionals who have details knowledge and skill about different new crops technologies were participated in delivering the specific topics such as on modern maize, groundnut, sorghum, low land pulse, high land pulse, wheat, potato and Sesame Production & demonstration on Farmers Training Centers (FTCs) as well as economic importance and management of crop pests and crop diseases.


Professor Nigussie Dechassa V/P for Academic Affairs, address in his closing speech that the university will continue in playing key role to improve the capacity building of the development agents and district extension team leaders by identifying the skill gaps in their field areas. He requests district extension team leaders to work closely with the university in identifying problems and finding the solutions to the problems.

Professor Nigussie advises the trainees to adopt the training to their day to day activities, so that they can be effective in productivity.

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