Haramaya University has continued providing food support to the needy households


Haramaya University has continued providing food support to needy family who are unable to perform their regular activities because of the spread of CORONA virus pandemic. 

The support contains 25 kg of maize, 25 kg of bread flour, 10 kg of rice, 5 kg of lentils and 5 liters of oil to a total of 65 kg of grain and 5 liters of oil per households and it will be used for two months consumption. The families covered in the second round food support accordingly  to the households and location; 120 in Hareri region Harar Town; 236 in Garamuleta Town, 144 in Haramaya Town, 200 Bate ‘Kebele’ and 100 in Addele Kebele.

Totally, the second round food support costs 1.7 million birr collected from the University’s budget and deducted from monthly salary of willing staff of the University who wanted to show that they are standing with the community.

During the supporting ceremony, Professor Mengistu Urgie, delegated vice president for academic affairs, and the coordinator of the Support, said that Haramaya University has been working to reduce and prevent the spread of the virus in the community since the first case was confirmed in the country.


Professor Mengistu said, “Even recently, the spread of corona virus is increasing at the international and national levels, so all of us should take the necessary precautions to protect ourselves, our families and our communities from the CORONA virus pandemic.”According to Professor Mengistu, the University is currently conducting extensive investigations in addition to educating the community on how to prevent the pandemic, and providing support for 800 households who are unable to provide the necessary needs for their livelihoods due to the interruption of their regular activities because of the corona virus pandemic.

Dr. Yadeta Dessie, Chief Executive Director of the College of Health and Medical Sciences, in his part, said that the University is supporting the community in Harari regional State and East Hararge Zone to ensure that the University and its community are on the side of the community and alleviate their health and economic difficulties.

In addition, Dr. Yadeta said that the University will continue its efforts to prevent the spread of CORONA virus and reduce the burden on the community. And he recommended that it is highly important for the public to wear masks, maintain a physical distance, wash their hands frequently and stay home unless absolutely necessary.

The Beneficiaries of the support also expressed their gratitude to the University because it provides them with the wonderful food supports during the time their regular works have been interrupted and they are, as a result, exposed for acute food shortage.

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