Haramaya University has attended on the 7th Urban Forum


Haramaya University has been attended on the 7th National Urban Forum held in Gondar town during 29 April to 08 May 2017. A team of individuals comprised from the Office of the Research Affairs, Institute of Technology as well as Public and International Relations Directorate have been actively attended the event and promoted the technology and innovations released by Haramaya University to guests and visitors.


The Haramaya University Corner has visited by high profile government officials, residents of the town of Gondar and participants from all over Ethiopia. H. E Dr Ambachew Mekonnen, the Minister of Urban Development appreciated the technologies displayed by HU and called up on to further expand and scale the innovations to improve the lives of urban dwellers.


During the weeklong event, HU has displayed improved seed varities, solar oven and machinery used to perform post harvest activities. The visitors were quite impressed by the technologies and asked the university to share the experience to micro and medium level enterprises to scale up the technology and ensure urban dwellers as well as the wider community to benefit from such scientific and research findings.


During the event representatives from 231 cities have been displayed and shared their best practices to each other. According to the event organizers the forum was aimed at creating healthy competitions among the cities to ensure better living centers for dwellers. The city of Hawassa has recognized for its outstanding efforts in job creation and green growth. Finally the forum has been closed by choosing Jigjiga to host the 8th National Urban Forum.

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