Haramaya University graduates more than 7000 students


Haramaya University graduates more than 7000 students in different fields of Study and also confers honorary degree for two individuals on July 7, 2019 at Afran Kallo Hall.

Haramaya University is among the first generation universities of the country and graduates more than 98 thousand students till now.

On the occasion a total of 7273 students have graduated; 4800 students with first degree, 766 students with second degree and 28 students with doctorate degree and 1679 students who have attended their education in post graduate diploma programs. Among the graduates 28% are females.

Guest of Honor of the ceremony and President of Oklahoma State University Dr. Burns Hargis said, our university is working to sustain the ever started relations with Haramaya University. We considered Haramaya University to be our key partner in all of Africa. We are very proud to be partner of Haramaya University, our partnership was from beginning of HU’s establishment and we want to reactivate our Partnership.

Acting President of Haramaya University Dr. Jemal Yousuf in his speech noted that Haramaya University is working on six research areas to solve public problems. According to Dr. Jemal besides Agricultural Research, HU is working on addressing education coverage shortage as a basic issue.

The graduates also expressed their readiness to serve their community by the knowledge they accumulated from the university.

The university also awarded honorary degree for Artist Ali Shebo and Dr. Abera Deressa. Artist Ali Shebo had paid a great role in establishing Afran Kallo band together with his friends.

Dr. Abera Deressa has also enormous role in conducting agricultural research to solve public problems and also been playing a great role in rehabilitating displaced citizens in Oromiya region, Somali and Benishangule regions.

Artist Ali Shebo and Dr Abera Deressa underscored that coordination work is critical to transform the country. Artist Ali stated unity is crucial to transform the country. So we should stand with our reformist leader.

Dr. Abera Deressa in his part said that if Oromo get united, it will be very easy to unite Ethiopia. And unity has a great impact and it’s a time to get united all Ethiopians.

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