Haramaya University Graduates 7,998 Students in Different Fields of Studies


On July 4, 2015 Haramaya University graduates 7,998 students in different fields of studies at undergraduate, masters’ and PhD levels.

It also confers Honorary Doctorate degrees upon two distinguished individuals, namely, Ismael Umer Gele, President of the Republic of Djibouti and a long standing friend of Ethiopia and Prof. Gebisa Ejeta, the 2009 World Food Prize Laureate, international researcher, and educator.


After awarding the Honorary Degrees and PhD Degrees, the prime minister of FDRE Hailemariam Desalegn, in his speech, reiterated that education plays a significant role in molding and shaping the human mind and behavior. It is also an instrument through which one can overcome the hardships in life. The expansion of education is of paramount importance for individual, societal, and national development and it is with this belief that the FDRE government is exerting maximum effort to make education accessible to all citizens, according to the premier.


He also explained that children and the young people are using all the opportunities opened to them and trying to extricate themselves from illiteracy and backwardness. The renaissance of the country is only successful when primary and secondary education is provided with high quality. In the effort the government of FDRE made the last 24 years to expand higher education and make it accessible to citizens, the number of public universities in Ethiopia, which was only two before 24 years, has now reached 37 including Civil Service and Defense universities.


In Growth and Transformation Plan-II (GTP-II), the government has planned to establish thirteen new universities which will take the number of public universities as high as 50. The success achieved in the access to education will also be repeated in assuring the quality, which will in turn contribute to the effort being made to achieve the national goal in the area of Human Resource Development plan, the premier added.

Prime Minister Hailemariam also commended the remarkable job that Haramaya University is doing.  He said that the university is one of the first two senior universities and in the last 20 years, the government has provided at most support to help the university expand its fields of studies and maximize its intake capacity.

Established before 60 years, the university has laid the strong foundation for Agriculture, which is the backbone of the economy, and has produced distinguished professionals nationally as well as internationally; through its cutting edge research, it has also produced knowledge and technology that have improved the life and livelihood of the farmers in Ethiopia.

The university should intensify the commendable job that it has started and contribute its lion’s share to the effort being exerted to improve production and productivity and build climate change-resilient green economy; it should also strengthen its research endeavor to make it participatory, community-based, and problem solving, the premier emphasized. The premier assured that the government of FDRE stands by the university in all its development efforts, especially, in the endeavor that the university is making to become center of excellence in Agriculture.

Graduates of different fields of studies from higher education institutions including Haramaya should discharge their responsibility to support the endeavor of the country for structural change in the economy and renaissance of Ethiopia. With the knowledge, skills, and values they have acquired from their education, they have to create jobs using all opportunities available for them and improve themselves; the government also provides them with the necessary support, the premier stressed.


The university also awarded Honorary Doctorate Degree to Ismael Umer Gele, the president of the Republic of Djibouti for his long-standing and dependable friendship with Ethiopia as well as Prof. Gebisa Ejeta, its alumna, researcher, and world food prize winner, for his remarkable job in sorghum research that improved the life of millions of people in the world. The premier also thanked Haramaya University for selecting these two prominent individuals for this honor, which is appropriate and appreciable.

According to the premier, the two individuals have worked and are working hard for the betterment of Ethiopia. He also promised that Ethiopian universities, especially Haramaya University, will provide free scholarships for Djibouti citizens.

After receiving the Honorary Degree, Mr. Gele and Prof. Gebisa said in their speech that they are thankful for the honor the university gave them and they will continue to work with the university hand-in-hand.


The other guest of honor on the convocation, Mr. Muktar Kedir, President of Oromia National Regional State, emphasized in his speech that the graduates should implement what they have learned by conducting research activities that solve the critical problems of their society. These young scholars should maximize their creativity and become exemplary professionals to serve their society with great ethics and trust, he added.


The other guest of honor in the convocation was Minister of Ministry of Education of the FDRE, Mr. Shiferaw Shigutie. He stressed in his speech that the government of FDRE has been giving maximum attention to education and allocated 25% of its budget for it. Accordingly, primary, secondary, TVET, and tertiary education opportunities have been expanded and all citizens have been benefiting from it. Effort is underway to produce sufficient and competent graduates at all levels. This year only, more than 93,000 students are graduating, of which 23,000 are females.


Dr.Girma Amente, president of Haramaya University in his speech mentioned that among the graduates of this year, 34 are PhD, 637 are masters’, and the rest are first degree graduates. The graduates are from regular, continuing, distance, and summer education programs in agriculture and environmental sciences, agro-industry and land resources, business and economics, education, health and medicine, law, technology, natural and computational sciences, computing and  informatics, and veterinary medicine. Among the graduates of the university, 22% are female graduates.


According to the 2007 E.C data, the intake capacity of the university in all programs at all levels has reach 35,000 students, among which more than 5,000 are postgraduate students, the president added. Dr Girma reiterated that the graduates play key role in supporting the implementation of the government’s plans, policies, and strategies. The graduates should serve their society with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes honestly and diligently. Among the graduates with distinction who gave their comments, animal science, natural resource management, and environmental science graduates respectively said that they serve their people with maximum commitment and diligence.

The graduation ceremony was held in the Afran Kallo Hall, and it gets a live media coverage on Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporate EBC 1 channel.

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    Well done. but my minor comment is about the word “confer” and its preposition in the Headline sentence. This word takes a preposition “on or upon” not “to”. So, the right way of putting the sentence is “Haramaya University confers Honorary Degree on/upon two individuals.” I believe you will correct it soon.


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