Haramaya University Donates $50,000 Medical Equipment for local hospitals


By Shemsedin Mohammed/Public & International Relation Directorate

Haramaya University has donated medicine and medical supplies worth over 50,000 USD to three local Hospitals on August 28, 2015 at Main Campus.


According to Prof. Kebede W/Tsadik, vice presidenst for Community Engagement and Enterprise Development, the medicine has been distributed to Hiwot Fana Specailized Teaching Hospital, Gara Muleta and Gelemso Hospitals in a proportion of 20:40:40 respectively. The medical supplies will also be distributed soon to these Hospitals depending on the relevance and intended uses by the same Prof. added.2

The medicine contains 18 pallets of 60,903 pieces supplied and likewise, the medical supplies contain 497 boxes weighing 6,123 kg of different types of items.


During the occasion, Dr. Fikadu Beyene, vice president for Administration and Student Affairs, said the equipment was donated by USA based organization Christian Relief Service, and facilitated by project cure and the recipients must be implement the equipments for the intended purpose with utmost care. Dr. Fikadu added such a move is done by University for the fourth time.


Among recipients, Mr. Ibsa Mohammed head of Garamuleta Hospital, said Haramaya University has been supporting the hospital since two years back by donating medical equipment, supply and medication that can be estimated to cost in millions of dollars. He added that the University is really in the community, I mean that it is part of our society, our problems is their problem, So that we appreciate their charity.

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