Haramaya University College of law Peace Center for Climate and Social Resilience/PCCSR/Project conducted validation and community dialogue workshop with pastoral community in 3 woredas of Borena zone.


BY Abadir Ahmed

The participants of the workshop were the Gadaa leaders from the three dominant clan of Borana zone namely Borana, Guji and Gebra. Women networks and Youth Leaders, Heads of zonal and woredas levels of administrations ,administration and security offices, justice and police, women and children affairs office, pastoral developments, finance and economic developments and Kebele chives from the twelve project PA’s among the others.

In 2006 E.C the project conducted the household survey and made the community level assessment on needs and priorities, challenges and opportunities existing in the three woredas namely Yabello, Arero and Taltele.


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During validation workshop Ato Gadisa Tesfaye (HU.COL.lecturer and Environmental Law and policy Center director said that“ the objective of workshop and community dialogue is to obtain the views and perspectives of the wide range of societies and to review the draft reports of the preliminary findings on needs and priorities ,challenges and opportunities in order to ensure possible consultation among stakeholders, partners, zonal and woredas government sector offices, traditional institutions, through the consultative dialogue and analysis of the field assessment reports ”in briefing the participants.

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Deputy administrator of Borena zone Ato Liban Arero said that “climate change is currently a global phenomenon that also seriously and frequently threatening and affecting the pastoral community of Borena zone” in his opening speech for participant of validation work shop at zonal level in Yabello town .

“No duty is more urgent than finding solution to tackle the adverse impact of climate change on the life of pastoral community whose livelihood depends on rainfall”Ato Liban added.

Ato Liban Arero also said that” by the name of Borena zone administration I want to thank HU.COL.PCCSR Project publically for conducting the the productive and comprehensive need assessment research in the 3 woredas of borena ”.

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Participants of the workshop said “because of climate change brought conflict, losing our asset was bad but the fact that our family and relatives have died and the other are separated are devastating

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Abbaa Gadaa of Borena Ato Guyo Goba said that” as it is presented on this workshop severity of floods ,more intense and prolonged droughts, severe water shortages brought conflict thereby endangering the lives and livelihoods of pastoral community of borena zone”during the validation workshop at Arero woreda.

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Similarly the Haramaya University Experts /Ato Gadisa Tesfaye,Ato Tolera Sanbeto and Ato Beneberu Shimelis /presented the outcomes of the need assessments on validation workshop and community dialogue in Teltele woreda and also in all selected kebeles in the three intervention woerdas of Borena zone.


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