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FBC ON Haramaya University’s Research Activities, Sport festival, and Lake Haramaya



By Sileshi Yilma/ Public and International Relations Directorate

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Haramaya University (HU) had been focus of discussion by Fana Broadcasting Corporate (FBC) FM 98.1 popular news programs, 90 and 120 Minutes. The research activities, Lake Haramaya, and the upcoming sport festival were the topics which attracted the Station’s attention.

On January 8, 2014’s 120 news show, FBC reported about the wide ranging research activities that HU is conducting in different disciplines and several areas. According to the news report which sited Dr. Nigussie Dechassa, vice president for Research Affairs, the University is undertaking 230 research projects. It was also indicated that governmental and non-governmental organizations have contributed more than 20 million Birr for supporting these research projects.

On January 10, FBC reported about HU’s endeavor to restore the Late Haramaya Lake and the general assembly meeting which was held in Addis Ababa concerning the upcoming Government Universities’ Sport Festival. The news reports were aired in two separate programs, 90 and 120 Minutes.

It was indicated that the University has prepared and is implementing a project entitled “Lake Haramaya Integrated Watershed Project” which aims at restoring the lake which no longer exists now. The report also reminded listeners the different music and literature pieces made to make tribute to Lake Haramaya.

The last report on HU was by FBC was related to the upcoming highly anticipated sport festival that the University will host from February 8 to 23, 2014. It was mentioned that a general assembly meeting, which drew several sport staff members from all government universities, was being held at Addis Ababa. The Station also reminded listeners that HU is constructing a huge sport complex worth more than 530 million Birr.

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