Department Conducted National External Curriculum Review Workshop


Department of Adult Education and Community Development under the College of Education and Behavioral Sciences conducted an external curriculum review workshop to launch a new program in “Curriculum and Teachers’ Professional Development Studies” in an undergraduate level in 2011 E.C on June 29, 2018 at Resource Center.

Prof. Nigussie Dechassa, Vice-president for Academic Affairs, on his opening speech said, “The College of Education and Behavioral Sciences is progressing rapidly by registering achievements in diversifying programs at all levels by offering quality programs in the fields of study that are among priority agenda of University’s.”  “These programs,” he said, “Would contribute to the human resource capacity building of the University.”

The University has been designing and launching need-based curricula to cater to the needs of students and industries that seek trained manpower in the country. According to Prof. Nigussie, the start of the new program in “Curriculum and Teacher’s Professional Development Studies” at undergraduate level is a significant milestone to the University. The development of this curriculum is ‘indicative of the hitherto achievement and strive in running the program as a whole. Education is the most powerful weapon for equipping people with the necessary knowledge, skill and attitude to be able to derive the vision to development. So that, to fulfill a quality education motivation and commitment is highly required.

On the Occasion Dr. Dawit Negassa, Dean of the College, briefly presented the steps followed by the College to develop the draft curriculum of the program and he said the staff members of the Department have made a commendable job of conducting consultations and close discussions with concerned stakeholders like the MoE, Oromia Regional Education Bureau, Strategic Education Center, Hawassa, Dilla, and Bahir Dar universities; conducted need assessment and developed the first draft curriculum based on the assessment; and organized an in-house curriculum review workshop. In preparation for this national review workshop, the Department incorporated the comments offered by the internal reviewers within a short period of time, identified external reviewers and sent them the revised version of the curriculum.

Highly productive discussions were made in the three syndicate groups and concerns were shared by critically looking in to the preparedness and facilities to launch the program as planned. Particularly, the staff profile of the respective department was taken seriously and strong suggestions were made to make sure that the required faculty is fulfilled.

Finally, Dr. Yilfashewa Yifru, Director of Academic Program Development, thanked and appreciated the concerns and contributions of the reviewers, and said the program will be launched after incorporating all the valuable comments from the renowned professionals in the field.

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