AIESEC In Haramaya

Societal Impact

AIESEC Haramaya members are involved in a diverse range of activities and networks on and off campus. With projects that aim to create a positive impact in the community around the university, members are able to discover their particular area of impact and develop knowledge and expertise in areas that they are passionate about. AIESEC Haramaya currently has three on-going projects that are focused on bringing entrepreneurship, women empowerment, and education to attending students and surrounding communities around the main campus. At the same time, AIESEC Haramaya has pledged to raise funds for an orphanage called Hope for Children for the year 2013.

International Experience

Members not only have the opportunity to manage and facilitate the International Exchange (Global Internship) program, but they can also encouraged to participate in one or more of the global internships or community events offered through that program. Another key international experience for AIESEC members is the attendance of conferences around the world; the coming conference that members have the chance of attending is the XLDS conference in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, March 2013.

A Connection to the World

AIESEC members interact with industry, government, NGO’s, universities, students and interns. This allows members to be some of the most connected young citizens in Ethiopian universities.

The AIESEC Experience