College Conducts National MSc Curriculum Review Workshop



College of Computing and Informatics conducted a National Curriculum Review Workshop in MSc in Computer Science on June 16, 2017 at Resource Center.


Prof. Nigussie Dechassa, Vice-president for Academic Affairs, on his opening speech said, “The College of Computing and Informatics is progressing rapidly by registering achievements in diversifying programs at all levels by offering quality Postgraduate Program at MA/MSc levels in fields of study that are among priority agenda of University’s.” These programs he said would contribute to the human resource capacity building of the University.


Prof. Nigussie added that in recent years, technology works have increasingly focused on outcome-based approaches in practicum fields like mobile computing, database systems, and image processors, high market oriented software languages to design and describe qualifications to set standards and influence assurance.

In line with this Haramaya University has been designing and launching need-based curricula to cater to the needs of students and industries that seek trained manpower in the country. According to Prof. Nigussie, the start of the Computer Science Program at level of Bachelor of the Sciences was a significant milestone to the University. The development of this MSc curriculum is indicative of the hitherto achievement and strive in running the program as a whole. c222

Mr. Seifu Neda, Dean of the College, briefly presented the steps followed by the College to develop the draft curriculum of the program. He said the College took almost two years to come-up with the draft curriculum, and the program is the first of its kind in Eastern Ethiopia and has high demand.  Mr. Seifu said, “The College is ready in terms of human resources, laboratories as well as collaborators to launch the program as of the next academic year.”

Internal and external reviewers have deeply gone through each and important points to be included merged as well as added in the proposed curriculum. The audience of the workshop also reflected their concerns, suggestions and comments to enrich the draft curriculum. It expected to be presented to the University Senate and Ministry of Education.


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