College of Social Science and Humanities Conducts Training for Academic Stuff


 College of Social Science and Humanities (CSSH) has given four days training for 60 academic staff of the college on April 24-25 and May 1-2, 205. The training is comprised of two parts: Academic writing and publication and SPSS.

The training was given in two sections grouping the trainees into two sections. Academic writing requires diligence and practice. There are certain universal features, regardless of customs and norms that govern academic writing and publication. This training for Academic writing, SPSS and Publication will empower CSSH staff to be successful in obtaining funding grants for doing research as well as publishing articles in reputable journals.

The training will focus on academic writing, publication. This training will also assist in planning, organizing and writing up research report, analysis using SPSS and getting published. The purpose of this training workshop is to assist and enable the college’s staff to write grant winning proposals, writing research reports and publications.

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This specifically designed training will lead the college staff from understanding the basics of academic writing to producing high quality research theses and reports. The training will especially focus on enhancing participants’ skills in this specialized area with the aim of equipping them to further their academic career.

It will also address various issues related to research and academic writing skills as well as tackling respective challenges from the perspective of career development.

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