Vacancy Child Health and Mortality Surveillance (CHAMPS) Ethiopia


Haramaya University

Child Health and Mortality Surveillance (CHAMPS) Ethiopia

Bio-Medical Engineer (BME)  

We  are  seeking  to  appoint  a  full  time  multi-skilled  and  experienced  Bio-Medical  Engineer (BME) to be based in Harar, Ethiopia. The role is to support development of a medical research laboratory of a new Child Health and Mortality Prevention Surveillance site in Harar, Ethiopia. This  is  a  collaboration  between  Haramaya  University,  the  London  School  of  Hygiene  & Tropical Medicine and Emory Global Health Institute. CHAMPS laboratories are located at the College  of Health and Medical Sciences,  and at Hiwot Fana Hospital in Harar at present, although laboratory work in Kersa District is possible in the long term. The post-holder will be responsible for carrying out routine equipment maintenance and equipment checks primarily for CHAMPS, but should assist with other medical equipment when time permits. They will be expected to: liaise with the University Biomedical Engineer, work closely with sub-contracted Biomedical engineers during installation, preventative maintenance and servicing of newly purchased equipment, and existing equipment.


Haramaya University is one of the oldest Universities in Ethiopia, with its first intake in 1954.

It is about 17km from the city of Harar, 40km from Dire Dawa (where there is a regional airport), and 510km East of Addis Ababa. The College of Health and Medical Sciences is based on a campus in Harar town to facilitate training of students in nearby hospitals. This campus also hosts the office of the two Health and Demographic Surveillance Systems (HDSS).


The Child Health and Mortality Prevention Surveillance network (CHAMPS,  is  a  new  global  health  surveillance  network  funded  by  the  Bill  & Melinda Gates Foundation, aimed at understanding the causes of child death in developing countries, particularly sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. The Emory Global Health Institute, which  houses  the  U.S.  office  of  the  International  Association  of  National  Public  Health Institutes (IANPHI), is the lead partner in the network and has worked with the London School of Hygiene to develop the collaboration with Haramaya University.                    

                       JOB DESCRIPTION

Post:   Bio-Medical Engineer

Location  : Haramaya University, Oromia, Ethiopia

Responsible to:          Nega Assefa

Full Time/Part Time/Casua: Full time

No. of posts : 1

Duration of contract : Available until June 2018 with likely extension

Salary:    12,000 Birr per month

Place of Application  Haramaya University Human Resource and Development Directorate office, Administration Building 1st Floor, Room No. 114 or Haramaya University Liaison Office at Addis Ababa, Arat Kilo. Former Germany Cultural Institute Building Office No.15.

Deadline for Application      Within 6 (Six) Working days after the announcement of this vacancy

Principal Duties and Responsibilities

The post-holder will work full-time at the CHAMPS site in Haramaya, Eastern Ethiopia.  The post-holder will be responsible for performing planned preventive maintenance (PPM) based on approved PPM procedures; maintain all the laboratory equipment and inspect electrical installation; execute all related biomedical engineering work to establish safe, secure and 24 hour functioning laboratories to support CHAMPS activities. They will be expected to:  inspect, install,  configure,  repair,  service,  and  troubleshoot  technical  problems  associated  with  all laboratory equipment and peripheral services such as lighting, power and water supply.

Key Responsibilities

  1. To carry out inspection, installation and configuration of newly purchased medical laboratory equipment.
  2. To conduct safety checks on CHAMPS laboratory building systems and carry out inspection of electrical installation of laboratory devices.
  3. To prepare troubleshooting standard operating procedures for preventive maintenance purpose for each equipment.
  4. To keep accurate and up to date maintenance logs, and prepare life history of each equipment and parts inventory of the CHAMPS laboratory equipment.
  5. To provide training to end users, on the safe and proper use of laboratory equipment to avoid any electrical related accidents.
  6. To operate specialized test-equipment in troubleshooting, calibrating and maintaining laboratory equipment, and develop a good working relationship with the technical supply team to try and remotely fix any technical problem.
  7. To prepare installation and maintenance cost for CHAMPS peripheral laboratory equipment such as generator.
  8. To identify replacement parts, perform urgent repairs on laboratory equipment at the two laboratory sites.
  9. To participate in the on-going renovation work of new laboratory work space at the main site, by advising the electrician on specific electrical installation points (socket levels, and switch) for the laboratory equipment, including other electrical items such as air conditioning, freezers, fridges and generator.
  10. To work with the university plumber to ensure constant water supply to the laboratory by checking that the tank has sufficient amount of water at all times.
  11. Assist with maintaining appropriate light intensity in the laboratory, ensure that emergency fluorescent tubes, fires extinguishers are installed and working properly.

This job description reflects the present requirements of the post but may be altered at any time in the future as duties and responsibilities change and/or develop providing there is full consultation with the post-holder. The post-holder will carry out any other duties, tasks or responsibilities as reasonably requested by the line manager, Dr Nega Assefa.


Essential requirements

  1. Bachelor of Science in Bio-medical Engineering.
  2.  Experience in carrying out routine maintenance of medical laboratory equipment.
  3.  Excellent oral and written communications skills in Amharic.
  4.  Good level command of English language to communicate with technical supply team during trouble shooting difficulties.
  5. Ability to use computers and standard Microsoft office packages

Desirable requirements

  1. Excellent oral and written communications in English
  2. Experience in an accredited laboratory

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