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06 April, 2015

Call for Applications to Training Workshop

Haramaya University, in collaboration with four other universities in Europe and

Eastern Africa, has been undertaking a three-year competitive research grant titled Value Chain Development for Food Security in the Context of Climate Change (ValueSeC): A contribution through strengthening capacity in higher education in Eastern Africa. The project has been funded by the Secretariat of the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) Group of States under ACP-EU Cooperation Program in Higher Education (EDULINK II).

The general objective of ValueSeC project is to contribute to building the research capacity of higher learning institutions in the areas of value-chain development, food security and climate change. To achieve its objectives, the project coordination office at Haramaya University has identified key areas of research capacity building interventions. One of such areas of potential interventions is building the research capacity of graduate students involved in dealing with agribusiness and food value chains.

Accordingly, ValueSeC at Haramaya has planned to conduct a five-day intensive training workshop titled ‘Applied Agribusiness and Value-chain Analysis Using Stata’. The training workshop is tentatively planned to be undertaken from 23 to 27 April, 2015. For its first-round training, the project will select 18 MSc students dealing with agribusiness and food value-chains. The training workshop particularly includes empirical research methods in the field of agribusiness and food value-chains with real-world data analysis using Stata software package.

Eligibility: MSc students registered in Haramaya University since 2013/14 in Agribusiness and Value-chain Management (ABVM) program are eligible to apply for the workshop. With the exception of small research grant awardees of BERCEA program, MSc students of Agricultural Economics with thesis research topics related to the objectives of the project (agribusiness, value chains, and food security) can also apply for the training workshop provided that they will submit a proof indicating their research topics.

Selection Criteria: Applicants will be selected by a set of objective criteria including

  • Previous qualification (degree);
  • Cumulative GPA from previous qualification; and Gender (female applicants will be encouraged).

For the same purpose, applicants should submit the following documents:

  • Soft copy of student ID;
  • Soft copy of previous academic records (degree and student copy).
  • Applicants from Agricultural Economics should submit a proof indicating that their topic/title is related to the call.

All application documents shall be submitted in soft copies using the following addresses:

  • Dr. Degye Goshu, email: (Tel: 0911057147).
  • Mr. Alelign Ademe, email: (Tel: 0911 064800).

The deadline for applications is 15 April, 2015. Selected applicants will be announced at least 3 days before the beginning of the training workshop.

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