Basic and Advanced ICT Training has been given to H.P.R.S Municipality Office Employees


Haramaya University Community Engagement Directorate in collaboration with College of Computing and informatics and Information communication technology directorate gave five days training entitled, ‘Basic and Advanced ICT Training’ to Harari People Regional State Municipality Office Employees at Haramaya University College of Health and Medical Science, Harar Campus starting from September 17/2019.

During the training opening ceremony, Mr. Samuel Getachew, the delegated head of computer science department said that, the rationality of the digital device is characterized by two crucial problems-limited and costly infrastructures, and limited digital literacy in low/middle income communities. As Mr. Samuel, in order to overcome this challenge, equal emphasis should be given to digital skills development as to infrastructure development. In this context, the essential investment in digital skills is the subsequent management and evaluation of digital training for employees in different sectors. This will, in turn, contribute significantly for the advancement and improvement of 21stcentury’s organizational activities.

The objective of the training is to create computer skilled employees in Harari People Regional State Municipality Office by providing ICT training that creates a skill of access to ICT facilities under the organization in order to produce modern way of serving stakeholders using ICT infrastructure in this information era.


In the training, 38 trainees, and 4 trainers participated for its successful completion. After appreciating the University and the trainers about the given training, the trainees said that, they need more training on particular computer applications that are directly used in their organizational activities as this one is the first time for them.

Similar trainings have given for Combolcha district/ ’woreda’ and also it will be continued for surrounded other districts/’woredas’ in similar ways.

Photos, when ‘Basic and Advanced ICT Training’ was given in Combolcha district.

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