Awareness Creation Workshop Conducted for Students Prior to Joining University


Haramaya University conducted awareness creation workshop for students, who are found in Harari Regional State and will be joining university in the new academic year, on September 15-16, 2015 at Amir Abdullahi Hall in Harar.1

Haramaya University Office of Vice President for Enterprise Development and Community Engagement prepared the workshop in collaboration with Harari Regional State Education Bureau. The event gathered more than 500 students from two preparatory schools.

During the opening ceremony, Dr. Sewinet Mengistu, director of Community Based Education Directory, indicated that the awareness creation session would enable the students to have general understanding of university life so that they can successful by overcoming some of the challenges they might face in the future.

Afendi Abdulwasih, head of Harari Regional State Education Bureau, on his part said such kinds of awareness creation programs are pivotal for students who are new to university atmosphere as it can equip them with the necessary information in order to tackle future challenges.



On the two days event, various professionals from Haramaya University shared their vast experience for the students. Some of the topics that were discussed include organizational structure of the University, students’ code of conduct, the mechanisms as to how students present their complaints, how students can become successful in their studies, and issues related to HIV/AIDS.


A separate half day session was also arranged for female students. Three experienced staff members from Haramaya University shared their vast experience for the students as to how they can overcome some of the challenges the students might face during their stay in university.

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In an interview with HU FM 91.5, some of the trainees indicated that they are happy with the awareness creation program and the event has enabled them to get answers to the questions that have bothered their minds concerning university life. They added that asthese kinds of programs are very vital, Haramaya University has to arrange them each year.

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The University has promised to arrange similar awareness creation workshops for students who are preparing to enter university in a much more strengthened manner by collaborating with the necessary stakeholders.


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