HU Awards the rank of full Professorship


Haramaya University’s Administrative Board awards the rank of full Professorship in Agricultural Economics to Dr Jema Haji

Dr. Jema Haji Mohammed was born on 26 June 1966 at a rural village of Gololcha district, East Arsi zone, Oromiya. He attended his primary and junior educations at Jinga Dhibu Primary and Junior School and his secondary education at Assela Senior Secondary School. He joined Addis Ababa University in September 1986 and graduated with BSc Degree in Mathematics in July 1989.

From September1990-August 1997, Dr. Jema worked as a teacher in Dilla and Ambo high schools. In September 1998, he joined Addis Ababa University, School of Graduate Studies and obtained MSc degree in Mathematics in July 1999. From August 1999 to date, Dr. Jema has been teaching various undergraduate and graduate courses at Haramaya University and other universities in the country and abroad. He has so far supervised over 200 Master’s and 10 PhD students in Haramaya and other universities. He also worked as an internal and external examiner of over 150 Masters and 10 PhD students of Haramaya and other universities in Ethiopia.His other professional services include active involvement as an anonymous reviewer of over 10 different articles submitted for publication in international journals.

Dr. Jema has held various administrative positions since he joined Haramaya University. Among the positions he held are director of students’ research, associate dean of the faculty of education and head department of mathematics.Additionally, he has been actively participating in various committees of the university. For example, he was a member of staff discipline committee of the university, promotion evaluation committee at the school and college, and master’s and PhD supervisors’ incentive reviewers committee.

Dr. Jema graduated with PhD in Agricultural Economics in April 2008 from Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. The title of his PhD dissertation is ‘Economic Efficiency and Marketing Performance of Vegetables in Eastern and Central Ethiopia’. He did his PhD under the chairmanship of Professor Hans Andersson and published three articles out of his dissertation all in reputable international journals. He has passed his viva with Excellent Grade.

Dr. Jema’s research expertise and academic interests span across broader issues of marketing, pastoralism versus sedentarization, impact evaluation, food insecurity, climate change and adaptation strategies, adoption and efficiency analyses, inter alia. Overall, these publications therefore play a distinctive role in providing evidence, data and information on various issues of local and global interest.Since 2006, he has published more than 50 articles in reputable international journals and one edited book chapter. He also prepared two teaching materials on Econometrics and Advanced Agricultural Marketing and Price Analysis for MSc students in African universities under Collaborative Masters in Applied Agricultural Economics (CMAAE) program, module for statistics distancediploma students and grade eight mathematics text book in Afan Oromo.

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