Announcement of Grant Awardees


03 February, 2015

Announcement of Grant Awardees

It is recalled that Haramaya University had announced a call for student research concept notes under the Program titled Building Ethiopian’s Research Capacity in Economics and Agribusiness (BERCEA) supported by theGlobal Development Network (GDN). The announcement was open for about a month (03-31 December, 2014).

In reply to the call, 16 PhD and 20 MSc research concept notes were submitted by students registered in Haramaya University. A team of professional experts went through all the concept notes, evaluated them, and selected 5 PhD and 8 MSc concept notes based on the following approved eligibility and selection criteria:

  1. Quality of concept notes (60%): This includes informative title (5%), problem statement and research questions (15%), research objectives (15%), and methodology (25%);
  2. Relevance of previous qualification (20%);   3.CGPA of previous degree (20%); and
  3. Gender balance (5%).

The grant awardees shall revise their concept notes with their advisors and sign the grant agreement. Before signing grant agreements, BERCEA has planned to orient the grant awardees on 16th of February at 9:00 AM (venue COA-5). The orientation will cover the objectives of the program, implementation modality, responsibilities of the awardees contained in the grant agreement, selection of relevant advisors by the student, and other related issues. Signing of the grant agreement will start as of 17th of February, 2015. Failure to attend the orientation and to sign the agreement timely may lead to disqualification from the grant (see list of awardee in tables below). In the mean time, grant awardees are advised to prepare their full proposal as the approval process is expected to start just after the orientation.

Awardees of BERCEA small research grant (PhD)

No. Grant awardee Student ID Topic of concept note
 1 Alelign


PhD/454/06 Crop Productivity, Efficiency and Commercialization of Smallholder Farmers in Eastern Ethiopia
2 Beneberu Teferra PhD/439/06 Production Efficiency, Resource Competitiveness and

Market Performance of Crops and Small   Ruminants in

North Eastern Highlands of Amhara Region, Ethiopia

 3 Dessalegn Gachena PhD/0443/06 Market Access, Outlet Choices, Competitiveness and Value Chains of Selected Spices in South Western


4 Gemechu Mulatu PhD/4803/05 Production Risk and Impacts of Contract Farming on Household Income and Efficiency of Vegetable

Production in Central Ethiopia

5 Wondimu


PhD/0455/06 The Impact of Watershed Development Program on

Technical Efficiency and Welfare and Farmers’ Willingness to Pay for Land and Water Conservation in Amhara Region of Ethiopia

Awardees of BERCEA small research grant (MSc)

No. Grant awardee Student ID Topic of concept note
 1 Abebaw Assaye SGS/183/07 Smallholder Farmers’ Perception and Adaptation Strategies to Climate Change and Variability: The case of Awi zone, Ethiopia
 2 Adisie Tadesse SGS/0001/06 Household Food Insecurity and Coping Mechanisms in Menz-Gera District of Amhara Region, Central Ethiopia
 3 Assefa Ayele SGS/202/07 Efficiency and Productivity of Smallholder Wheat Production in Soro District of Hadiya Zone, Southern Ethiopia
 4 Desale


SGS/206/07 Production Efficiency, Post-Harvest Losses, and

Marketing System of Sesame: The Case of Smallholder

Producers and Commercial Farms in Western Zone of Tigray, Ethiopia

 5 Gebreegziabher Tesfay SGS/182/07 Smallholders’ Production Efficiency and Market Performance of Honey in Central Zone of Tigray, Northern Ethiopia
 6 Girma Ayele SGS/0010/06 Factors of Adoption of Improved Maize Seed Technology in Gena Bossa District of Dawro Zone, Southern Ethiopia
 7 Regasa Dibaba SGS/213/07 Adoption and Dissemination of Wheat Technology in Mao-Komo District of Southern Ethiopia
 8 Shishay Teklay SGS001/07 Market Value Chain Analysis of Rhamnus Prinoides or Gesho in Ethiopia


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