School of Water Resources and Environmental Engineering


General Overview

School of Water Resources and Environmental Engineering at Haramaya university, Haramaya Institute of Technology is one of the most highly rated under- graduate and post- graduate programs that is associated with the Departments of Hydraulic and Water Resources Engineering, water Resources and irrigation Engineering, water supply and Environmental Engineering and post-graduate in Irrigation Engineering, Engineering Hydrology and Soil and Water Conservation Engineering.

Vision of the School

The Vision is to meet the leaders who guide the existing research areas housed under the school of water Resources and Environmental Engineering to be an international leader in Water Resources Development, research, and outreach and provider of water resources information and service to the government and stakeholders of the country.

The School of water Resources and Environmental Engineering will combine interdisciplinary approaches and disciplinary excellence to:

  • Foster an integrated, systems approach to address complex water resource environmental and human issues
  • Conduct fundamental research mechanism associated with water, soils and Environment provide innovative outreach to stakeholders
  • Investigate record and disseminate technologies about sustainable water Resources development for domestic and non-domestic uses.
  • Promote comprehensive management principles for the effective and sustainable use of water resources.

Problems associated with the poor water resource development of the country mainly emanates from lack of capacity. The numbers of professionals trained in a discipline directly related to water Resources development and environmental Engineers are insignificant when compared to the country’s surface water, groundwater potential, irrigation potentials, water supply and sewerage, hydropower development, water resources and capacity building of country.

The School of water resources and Environmental Engineering is the most valuable contribution to realize sustainable development of the country’s water resources and solve enormous water resource and environmental challenges facing the world now and in the decades ahead. Therefore, producing young Engineers and doctors who have a strong knowledge in processes, modeling and management are responsive to promptly act against the factors hampered development of the country’s water resources is the strategy to mitigate the effects of these pressures and maintain healthy and sustainable ecological systems. This ensures that graduates are well-grounded in the fundamentals and are prepared to contribute professionally to the solution of multidisciplinary local, national, and international water problems.

The School has national links with different renowned universities and research organizations as regards to collaborative program and has already carried out consultancy projects with different Government and public organizations in addition to the research projects. Efforts address the integration and analysis of engineering and economic-policy issues posed by the need to manage water Resources, land, and human resources, as well as environmental remediation. Research unit of minimum 10 persons has a strong expertise in hydrology and water research related to hydrological processes, modeling and water resources management. They carried out both basic and applied research related to surface, groundwater, Geo-environment, water supply, wastewater treatment, climate change, Constructed wetlands and river engineering.

School of Water Resource and Environmental Engineering has the following departments in it and you can contact the specific department in the following link.

Hydraulics and Water Resource Engineering

Water Resource and Irrigation Engineering

Water Supply and Environmental Engineering


The School of Water Resources and Environmental Engineering has excellent fully occupies laboratories and computing facilities i.e. soil, water quality, Hydraulic and computer laboratories for research and computational facilities. Graduate students in the water program have the opportunity for research support through these Laboratories while working their thesis and dissertations.