Department of Mechanical Engineering


Department Overview

The Mechanical Engineering department educate trainable, broad based mechanical engineers who can fit in the different applications areas of mechanical engineering through the new harmonized curriculum. The undergraduate program of Mechanical Engineering department produces mechanical engineers who have broad knowledge through its five-year programs.

This program gives the students such as broad background that they can fit in different sections of engineering field such as power generation, refrigeration, air-conditioning, automotive, design of machinery, maintenance, etc


The Vision of Mechanical Engineering Department of Haramaya Institute of Technology is to be a center of excellence where mechanical engineering capable of solving real society problems and conducting useful research graduate to achieve the vision of Haramaya University “striving to be one of the African Universities with International reputation by 2025”.


The mission of Mechanical Engineering Department of Haramaya Institute of Technology, Haramaya University is to offer a quality mechanical engineering education that renders problem solving and research capabilities to its graduates by using the state of the monument methodology, and provides consultancy services to local industries and the society at large


BSc five-year program in five streams

  • Design Engineering
  • Energy Engineering
  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • Thermal Engineering
  • Motor Vehicles Engineering

Post Graduate Programs to be launched (Future plan) 

  • Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering(Manufacturing Engineering)
  • Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering(Thermal Engineering)


Available Laboratories and workshops at Mechanical Engineering Department

All the existing laboratories and workshops are equipped with basic tools and machinery

  1. Bench workshop
  2. Foundry Workshop
  3. Sheet Metal Workshop
  4. Welding Shop
  5. Forging Shop
  6. Machine Shop
  7. CNC Laboratory
  8. Automotive workshop
  9. Fluids machine and thermal laboratory
  10. Hydraulic machine laboratory
  11. Materials testing laboratory
  12. Metrology Laboratory
  13. Computer Laboratory