No Name Department Position Email
 1 Dr. Shemelis Mekonnen Molla Sport Sciences Assistant Professor
 2 Dr. Wegene Waltenegus Kidane Sport Sciences Assistant Professor
 3 Dr. Desta Enyew Nugussie Sport Sciences Assistant Professor
 4 Mr. Demelash Tesfaye G/Medhin Sport Sciences Lecturer
 5 Mr. Melese Sport Sciences Lecturer
 6 Ms. Yesewzer Tefera G/Hiwot Sport Sciences Lecturer
 7 Mr. Firew Assefa Bunte Sport Sciences Lecturer
 8 Mr. AschalewAyele Seifu Sport Sciences Lecturer
 9 Mr. MesfinMengesh  Worku Sport Sciences Lecturer
 10 Mr. Wondifraw Mergiaw Sport Sciences Lecturer
 11 Mr. Tarekegn Belayneh Sport Sciences Lecturer
 12 Mr. Million Mekonnen G/Teklie Sport Sciences Lecturer

Study Leave Staff

S. No. Full Name Current Qualification (before completing the study underway) Current academic rank  (before completing the study underway) Study started in (Year. in E.C) Expected year of return (E.C) Location and name of the hosting institution
Country University’s name
Mr. Biniam Eshate Msc Lecturer 2008 2011 Ethiopia Mekelle University
Mr. Milkesa Bayisa Msc Lecturer 2008 2011 Ethiopia Addis Ababa University
Mr. Gemechu Kumbi Bsc TA-III 2007 2009 Ethiopia Haramaya University
Mr. Eyasu  Merhatsidik Msc Lecturer 2007 2010 South Africa UKZN
Mr. Demelash Tesfaye G/Medhin M.Sc. Lecturer 2009 2012 Ethiopia Mekele University