Master of Science in Sports (Coaching and Therapy)




Haramaya University is one of the oldest Universities in Ethiopia. Since its establishment as a higher learning Institution, in 1954 E.C., has been playing its part by producing highly qualified intellectuals in many fields of specialization, including physical education and sports experts. Sport science is one of the 21st century modern sciences, which provide scientific back up of coaching to National Federations, Fitness Centers, and Clubs. The program is concerned with producing talent based players’ based on the performance diagnostics and sport talent to various characteristics of sports, and promotes the production of highly qualified performance coaches and trainers, with extensive performance and versatile abilities to treat, rehabilitate, and prevent injuries among athletes and sports enthusiasts.
The Department, since its establishment (1997) is successful in offering undergraduate (the three years Degree Program) Bachelor of Education in Physical Education and Sports.
The extensive and rigorous use of scientific coaching principles in every item of sports disciplines and a vigorous sporting competition with high sport injuries should be evaluated and monitored from the view that it should produce talented – oriented athletes for the country.
Therefore, the strategic plan of the University and the Educational Policy of the Country as a whole has made the Department of Sport Science to take initiative in proposing a new postgraduate program of Master of Science in coaching and therapy.


The objective of Master of Sports Science Degree Program is to prepare students to become professionals in establishment scientific principles for training, treating injuries in sports, able to select top level of athletes to represent the country, explaining the importance of nutrition’s in sports, rehabilitating, and reconditioning through design of rehabilitation programs, and offering psychological intervention. The students will be equipped to:

  • Communicate information about the sports and exercise medicine and scientific values for the nation and concerned organization.
  • Out-line a comprehensive programmer for injury prevention and treatment.
  • Present a scientific basis for all aspects of sports medicine and exercise.
  • Familiarize the participants with theory and practice of a wide range of sporting discipline.
  • Define guidelines for the scientific monitoring and training of athletes.
  • Collaborate with other physical culture and sport organizations of the country.
  • Organize and administer treatment, rehabilitation, and recondition program through design of rehabilitation and supervising programs.
  • Order equipment and supplies, supervise personnel, and establish policies for operation of an athletic training program. finally, professional development and responsibilities through acting as an educator, trainer, and counselor.

Graduate Profile

The academic potentials of any program are not successful if it does not realize and cope with the existing educational back ground of learning, and performance excellence of upgrading skills of the expertise on their professional career with the existing science and technology development. Therefore, after successful completion of the program, the Master’s of Science Degree in Sports candidates will be equipped with:-

  1. Knowledge of coaching and training methods in sports competition with the existing new technology.
  2. To assess efficiency performance quality as integrated duties through conducting therapy activity and health status of the individuals who take part in the competitions.
  3. To promote a broad band approach and scientific principles to the existing physical culture and sports policy.
  4. To advertise and upgrade skills and art of coaching and therapy science and its influence on health and competition.
  5. To design and manage plan of exercise, practical activity and skills appropriate to our country’s super – league clubs.
  6. To build skills or knowledge of professionals to develop confidence in their coaching and rehabilitation principles, acting as educator, trainer, and medical advisor.

Graduation Requirements

  1. A minimum cumulative grade point average (CGPA) above 3.00.
  2. No F and 2 C grades.
  3. Completion of thesis research work in her/his field of study as a fulfillment for the requirement of Msc.S.