Dr. Girma Goro


Email address girmag@gmail.com
Rank Assistant Professor
Specialization Solid State and Materials Physics with emphasis of Nanoscale Physics
Research Area Synthesis and Characterization of nanomaterials for opto-electronic application
Production and characterisation of photovoltaic devices
Characterisation of nanocomposite materials for technological application
  • Girma Goro and Bantikassegn Workalemahu. “Vibronic states and electronic properties of aluminium junctions with melt-processed poly[2-(2,5-dioctylphenyl)thiophene] (PDOPT)”. SINET: Ethiopian Journal of Science, Vol. 22, Bo. 1, June 1999, 1-14.
  • E.A. Odo, G. Goro, F.T. Thovhogi, F. Ramukosi, D.T. Britton, M. Härting, “Production of Silicon Nanopowder by Mechnical Attrition” CIMM Conference Proceedings, 14-15 October 2004, Cape Town.
  • D. T.  Britton, E.A. Odo, G. Goro Gonfa, E.O. Jonah, M. Härting, J. Appl. Cryst. 42 (2009) 448.
  • M. Härting, G. Goro Gonfa, E.A. Odo, Manfred R. Scriba, Batsirai Magunje, Martin J. van Staden  and D.T. Britton, The Stability and Electrical Activity of Oxygen Terminated Silicon Nanoparticle Surfaces, ACS Nano (submitted).
  • D.K. Rai, G. Beaucage, E.O. Jonah, D.T. Britton, S. Sukumaran, S. Chopra, G. Goro Gonfa, M. Härting, Quantitative Investigations of Aggregate Systems (Accepted), J. Chem. Phys (2012).