Deribachew Bekana

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Rank                    Lecturer
Specialization    Analytical Chemistry
Research Interest Environmental Analytical Chemistry
  1. Deribachew  Bekana,  Tesfahun  K.,  Mulugeta  A.  and  Habtemariam  K. Comparative  Phytochemical  Analyses  of  Resins  of  Boswellia  Species  (B.  papyrifera (Del.) Hochst,  B.  neglecta S.  Moore and B.  rivae Engl) from northwestern, southern and southeastern  Ethiopia.  ISRN Analytical Chemistry. Vol.  2014, Article ID 374678,
  2. Mulugeta A., Beneberu S., Habtemariam K., Deribachew Bekana, Mesfin R.,  Tesfahun  K.  and  Girmay  Fitwi,  2012.  Chemical investigations on frankincense from Boswellia trees to improve production, handling and grading practices for the export market in Ethiopia. G. J. P. & A. Sc. and Tech., 2012v02i5, 15 – 31