General Objectives

  1. To train medical laboratory science practitioners who are capable of providing comprehensive health laboratory services in hospitals, regional laboratories and health centers and are also   capable of training subordinate laboratory personnel
  2. To conduct research activities in the area of clinical laboratory sciences and public health based on the existing problems and felt need of the society.
  3. To participate in community services and to take active part in solving general problems related to health

Specific Objectives

The specific objectives of Medical Laboratory Sciences program are to train:

  • Qualified medical laboratory science practitioners to work in health institutions, higher institutions, research institutions and industries.
  • Graduates those are capable of developing and promoting the medical laboratory profession for human good.
  • Competent medical laboratory science practitioners to meet the human power needs of various health and health related institutions.
  • Graduates who are equipped with skills to utilize classical and advanced laboratory techniques in clinical diagnosis of human disease. (In both clinical and public health laboratory settings).
  • Graduates who can test and analyze tissue, blood, and other physiological specimens collected for the purposes of criminal and other legal investigations.
  • Graduates with managerial, supervisory and quality assurance responsibility.
  • Graduates who can participate in identifying and solving the community problems in various health perspectives.
  • Competent practitioners who can maintain the professional code of ethics

Admission Requirements

Regular Program

To be admitted to the regular Program, candidates must:

  • Meet the set criteria of the Higher Education Main Department.
  • Satisfy the academic rules and regulations of the university
  • Be physically and mentally healthy.

o  Applicants with minor physical problems that would not hinder effective training could be considered for placement as appropriate

Advanced Standing Program

Admission of the advanced standing applicants to the School of Medical Laboratory Sciences will be made based on the existing University’s rules and regulations.Applicants can be enrolled in a continuing education program (evening and summer programs) to undertake their studies.

  • Those who have diploma in medical laboratory sciences
  • Those who are generic students (i.e., other diploma holders and high school graduates)