Department of Cooperatives


In line with the expansion of the university, the department of Cooperatives launched a B.A (Bachelor of Art) program in 2003/2004 under two streams: Cooperative Business Management and Cooperative Accounting and Auditing.

Objectives of the Department

The overall objective of the department is to develop expertise in cooperatives, microfinance institutions and different related people centered organizations with capability to:

  • manage resource of cooperative through strong accounting and auditing services
  • manage cooperatives and other people centered organizations
  • organize strong cooperatives
  • create strong cooperative movement in the country
  • promote self-reliance
Objectives of the Program

The objectives of the Cooperative Accounting and Auditing program lie upon the major objectives of the department. The objectives of the program are:

  • to produce trained manpower who can work in Multifaceted Cooperatives, Cooperative Banks, Cooperative Promotion and Development Bureaus, Cooperative Training Institutions and Universities, and other people centered organizations
  • to provide short-term training programs and cooperative education activities through correspondence, field and other programs for cooperative leaders, managers, trainers and members
  • to carry out cooperative research and consultancy services on policies and methodologies for institutional and organizational development of cooperatives and other community-based institutions