4. Schools and Academic Programs

The original curriculum of the college catered for producing graduates in BSc in general agriculture; however, the quest for keeping up with the training needs of the country led to the development of new programs of study, such as Animal Science (1960), Plant Science (1960), Agricultural Engineering (1961), Agricultural Economics (1962), and Agricultural Education (1967), and diploma in Home Economics (1967). Then, a BSc program in Agricultural Extension was started in 1994 which was later renamed as Rural Development and Agricultural Extension.

Currently, the college is running more than 10, 25 and 12 BSc, MSc and PhD programs respectively under five Schools after the reorganization of departments. In addition to the regular programs, most of the BSc and MSc programs are also offered under the regular-in service, Bega, summer, continuing, and distance education programs.

The first MSc programs in fields of Agriculture were started in 1978/79 at the then Alemaya College of Agriculture. In 1985, Alemaya University of Agriculture established its own School of Graduate Studies, and the University was the only higher institution in Ethiopia that has been offering MSc training in the fields of agriculture. Then, in addition to the M.Sc program, the College of Agriculture and environmental sciences has launched Ph.D. programs in various fields of agriculture  namely Agronomy/Plant Physiology, Soil Science, Plant Breeding, Plant Pathology, Agricultural Economics, Animal Nutrition, Animal Breeding  since 2002. The college graduated the first three of its PhD students in 2007 in the areas of Plant Breeding and Plant Pathology after which many others in others fields like Soil Sciences, Agronomy, Agricultural Economics, Animal Genetics and Breeding, Animal Nutrition and horticulture also successfully completed their studies. The five Schools and their academic program are outlined below:

4.1. School of Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness

School Head: Dr. Lemma Zemedu


Office Telephone:+251255530384

Academic Programs:
1. Undergraduate
Agribusiness & Value Chain Management
Agricultural Economics
Animal Science
Range Ecology & Biodiversity
Natural Resource Management
Environmental Sciences
Rural Development & Agricultural Extension (regular)
Rural Development & Agricultural Extension (mid- career)
Horticultural Crop Production & Processing
Sugarcane Agronomy
Plant Science

2.Regular Masters Programs
Agribusiness & Value Chain Management (MSc)
Agricultural & Applied Economics(MSc)
Agricultural & Food Marketing (MSc)
Agricultural Economics (MSc)
Agricultural Economics & Rural Development (MSc)
Agricultural Entomology (MSc)
Agro Meteorology and Natural Risk Management (MSc)
Agro-forestry (MSc)
Agronomy (MSc)
Animal Genetics & Breeding (MSc)
Animal Nutrition (MSc)
Animal Production (MSc)
Dairy Science (MSc)
Dairy Technology (MSc)
Environmental Science Management (MSc)
Horticulture (MSc)
Integrated Pest Management (MSc
Irrigation Agronomy (MSc)
Plant Breeding (MSc)
Plant Pathology (MSc)
Range Ecology and Biodiversity (MSc)
Rural Development & Agricultural Extension (MSc) (Agricultural Communication & Innovation for Development, Agricultural Information and Communication Management, and Rural Development)
Seed Science & Technology (MSc)
Soil Sciences (MSc)
Weed Science (MSc)
3. Regular PhD Programs
Agricultural Economics
Agricultural Entomology
Animal Genetics and Breeding
Animal Nutrition
Plant Breeding
Plant Pathology
Range Ecology & Dry-land Biodiversity
Rural Development & Agricultural Extension
Soil Science
Tropical Animal Production (Meat, Dairy, and Monogastric streams)
Climate smart Agriculture & Biodiversity conservation
Dairy Technology