PHD Programs


Currently, the University offers postgraduate studies in 28 PhD Programs (Regular), 4 Specialty (Regular) Residence Programs.The programs are listed hereunder by colleges.

I.College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences

1. Agricultural Economics
2. Agricultural Entomology
3. Agronomy
4. Animal Breeding and Genetics
5. Animal Nutrition
6. Climate Smart Agriculture and Biodiversity Management (new)
7. Dairy Technology
8. Horticulture
9. Plant Breeding
10. Plant Pathology
11. Range Ecology and Dry Land Biodiversity
12. Rural Development and Agricultural Extension ( streams: Knowledge Management and Capacity Development; Commercial and Rural Institutions)
13. Soil Science
14. Tropical Animal Production (streams: Meat, Dairy, and Monogastric streams)

II. Institute of technology

15.  Irrigation and Drainage Engineering

16. Soil and Water Conservation Engineering

III. College of Health & Medical Sciences

17. Medical Microbiology
18. Public Health
19. PhD in Nursing

20. PhD in Environmental Health (new)

Specialization in Medicine (Residence Programs)
A. General Surgery
B. Gynecology and Obstetrics

C. Pediatrics

D. Internal Medicine

IV. College of Natural and Computational Sciences

21. Microbiology
22. Environmental Physics ( old, students are not enrolled to the program )
23. PhD in Physics (Environmental Physics and Renewable Energy Physics)
24. PhD in Chemistry (Materials Chemistry)

V. College of Social Sciences and Humanities

25. Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)
26. Peace and Development Studies
27. PhD in Geography and Environmental Studies ( Specialization: Climate Change and Disaster Risk Management; Urban and Regional Development Planning; Environment and Land Resource Management; Population, Environment and Development – new)

VI. College of Education & Behavioral Sciences

28. Education (Streams: Curriculum Studies; Educational Leadership and Policy Studies; Inclusive Education; Educational Psychology)