A foundation stone was laid to establish a Green Park in memory of the Hero artist Hachalu Hundesa



The foundation stone of the Green Park was laid in the main campus at Haremaya University, on August 15, 2020 by Dr. Jamal Yusuf, the University’s president, and Professor Jeylan Wolyie, vice president for administration and student affairs.

On the program, Dr. Jemal Yusuf said that the green park will be built on 20,000 square meters based on the artist’s story. According to Dr. Jemal, the park will be built in a way that can enable young people and children to know artist Hachalu Hundesa’s story and his contributions to the country.

Dr. Jemal added that the park will include the artist’s memorial, various children’s entertainments, a gymnasium for adults, and a place adorned with greenery. The construction of the green park anticipated to be completed in six months is expected to cost up to 3 million birr and the design work has been already completed. Dr. Jamal also said that the University will organize a discussion forum every two years to keep the artist’s thoughts alive and memorable.

Professor Jeylan, in his turn, said that Hachalu Hundesa was an artist who fought for peace, equality, and justice among peoples. Professor Jeylan added that the construction of the green park project is not for political purposes but for reflection of the image of peace, tolerance and unity among the peoples and for contribution of lasting peace and unity.”Green Park is a place where people can see hope, forget their problems, and take good care of themselves,” said Professor Jeylan.

Mr. Endalkachew Abera, instructor of law in the University, on his part, said that this important park will be built for the memorial of artist Hachalu’s lifetime contributions for the country and its peoples. Mr. Endalkachew added that the construction of the park will, therefore, enable the students of the University to contribute their own share to equality and justice among peoples for the betterment of the country.

Having expressed his excitement, Mr. Hassan Ibrahim, a young resident of Gende Jey Kebele, said that the construction of artist Hachalu’s memorial Green Park in Haramaya University will make the artist memorable, and this, in turn will motivate them to contribute their share to the country and the people.

Having attended the foundation stone laying program, the University and the local community planted seedlings in the Hachalu’s memorial green park.

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