2018/19 Call for Proposals on Knowledge Transfer (KT) Grant Competition


Call Description
It is recalled that Haramaya University has been transferring various technologies to the end users since its establishment. Since recent years, the University has been supporting research activities in diverse fields of study under its six research thematic areas. In this line, important achievements have also been made in terms of  enerating knowledge from the various research undertakings. It is, therefore, necessary and timely to transfer
the generated technologies to the community from which the data have been generated. Knowledge transfer proposals activities that have the potential to inform decisions about public policy, professional practice, societal problems, and many more. It could be implemented, for instance, in the form of trainings, community mini-workshops, practical demonstrations, community-to-community experience sharing visits, and the likes. In this regard, the Research Affairs Office has allocated a competitive KTG for staff members from different disciplines. The aim of KTG is to support researchers in the dissemination and exploitation of the research, knowledge, expertise, and ideas generated in the research endeavor in order to achieve wider impacts and to encourage outreaches. This is, therefore, to announce that interested staff members can prepare and submit a well-crafted and justified knowledge transfer plans/proposals.

Eligibility Criteria
 Applicants must be staff members of Haramaya University
 Proposals should be based on knowledge and best practices generated under
previous research undertaken anywhere, as far as the knowledge is justifiably

Focus areas should fall under the Research Thematic Areas of the University
 Geographical area of implementation should be in the eastern part of Ethiopia.
 Duration of implementation should not exceed a maximum of two years.
Proposal Structure
Proposals should not exceed 15 pages (12 pts, Times New Roman, 1.5 spacing, 1 inch
margin in all sides). The proposals may have the following structure:
 Cover page (title, names of applicants, college, department, contact address)
 Introduction/Rationale
 Objectives
 Activities, Methodology and Outcomes
 Benefits and Beneficiaries
 Anticipated Impact
 Work Plan and Budget Breakdown
 Qualification of the Team Members
 References
Submission  Submission: Submission should be online via http://grant.haramaya.edu/ (HUWG)
Deadline: October 30, 2018
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