2018/19 Call for Proposals on Innovative Research Fund (IF) Competition


Haramaya University would like to invite interested staff with innovative ideas to compete for the 2018/19 (2011 EC) innovative research grant. Staff members are encouraged to submit ideas yielding tangible output, problem solving, and innovative research proposals. While crafting the proposal, activities related to PhD and MSc students can be considered, but a standalone PhD or MSc project is not accepted. Proposals should be developed according to target topics indicated in the Research Thematic Areas of the University, and the research area should be in the Eastern
Part of Ethiopia except for compelling reasons.
 Deadline for submission: October 30, 2018
 Submission: Submission should be online via Innovative Research Fund http://grant.haramaya.edu/ (HUWG)
 Focus: Water conservation and development, Climate and Environment, Waste management, Vaccines, Drugs,
Nutrition, Maternal and child health, Software, Electrical and Mechanical engineering technologies,
Click  To Get Contents of the Proposal-WG-IF-KT-2018

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