2016 Field Day completed successfully


Farmers, researchers delegates of regional, zonal and woreda offices of agriculture, development agencies, administrators and representatives from Haramaya University were present for the 2016 Field Day that was conducted from November 09-11, 2016 by the University’ Research Office on three different districts


Dr. Jemal Yousuf, Vice-president for Research Affairs explained visitations like this would show the progresses of the ongoing farm practices and works that are being done on Farmer Training Centers (FTCs) to strengthen the scholarly contributions and collaborations of farmers, researchers, and development stakeholders. The scheduled three days trip covered two research sites: Girawa and Babile and two FTCs in Chinaksen.

Day-one of the visit was at Chinaksen and participants observed works done on wheat, sorghum, groundnut sesame andbeans. On Day-two, the team visited Gurawa Research Center and saw the tremendous works the personnel at the Center are doing. The Research Center has an impressive field that is field by crop and crop vegetation such as: maize, wheat, sorghum, carrot, potato, bean and many more.


Babile Research Center, which the team visited on the third day, boasts works done on groundnut, sesame, sorghum and other grain productions. The Research Center serves as the home base for the University’s National Groundnut Center of Excellence.

After the farm visits, a discussion session was held with representatives from the local farmers of all three areas in their respective districts. The efforts and achievements of the University, gaps to be addressed and the way forward were raised and discussed. Farmers raised their problems and worries during the discussion such as: getting hybrid seeds sustainably, sufficient market opportunity and exposure to new technology. Concerned officials gave explanation and briefings to the raised questions.


Finally, Dr. Jemal said farmers should be encouraged and supported to use improved technologies to enhance food production, such joint discussions should be habits to follow for the future to design and do fruitful research in a participatory approach and he thanked all of the field day participants and wished them safe journey back home.

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