Review Meeting conducted on Curriculum Mainstreaming of HIV/AIDS Issues


Gender,HIV/AIDS and Special Needs Mainstreaming Directorate conducted a review meeting entitled “Curriculum Mainstreaming of HIV/AIDS Issues”. The meeting was with stakeholders and took place on January 22, 2018 at the University’s Resource Center.

President of Haramaya University (HU), Prof. Chemeda Fininsa, in his opening speech stated “The prevalence of HIV/AIDS is becoming very high in the country and the issue in higher academic institution is one of the great focuses of the Ministry of Education in the budget year.”

During the occasion, two research proposals were presented by Mr.Tamirat Tekle, Reproductive Health and HIV/AIDS Issues Coordinator of the University, and Dr. Lemessa Oljira,invited guest from Medical and Health Science College of the University and were reviewed by the attendees. The proposals focused on two thematic areas,the status of HIV/AIDS mainstreaming on the country and global and national adolescence health strategies.

Mrs. Emebet Belete, Director for the Directorate gave brief explanation on the gap in the University and the trend and experience of other universities.

Accordingly, it was suggested that a task force that includes all stakeholders would be established to handle the overview and amendment of the overall contents of the course, harmonization of the course with the context of the University and address the controversy on the home base of the course.Varies discussions and workshops will be held with all stakeholders before the curriculum is submitted for senate approval.

Prof. NigussieDechasa, Vice-president for Academic Affairs, in his closing speech expressed his gratitude to the reviewers and the workshop participants for the constructive comments and suggestions forwarded to shape the content.

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